15 Gifts For People Obsessed With Hong Kong

Personalized name seal | shibainu/Flickr
Personalized name seal | shibainu/Flickr
Photo of Sally Gao
9 February 2017

Looking for the perfect Hong Kong-related gift? Whether you’re picking out something for a friend or you just want to treat yourself (don’t worry, we understand), we’ve curated a list of unique gifts for anyone enamored by Hong Kong, ranging from refined teaware to Bruce Lee paraphernalia and more.

Nathan Road Umbrella

This distinctive umbrella from G.O.D., a Hong Kong lifestyle brand, is sure to make you stand out in rainy weather. The design is a collage of neon signs of yore from bustling Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, one of Hong Kong’s major thoroughfares since the late 19th century.

Price: HK$195

Courtesy of G.O.D.

Personalized Name Seal

Traditionally, hand-engraved seals were used in China in lieu of signatures. They’re made from materials such as stone, jade or ivory, and bear the owner’s name in a stylized script. If you’re in Hong Kong, you can get one by visiting a carver on the famous Man Wa Lane, otherwise known as ‘Chop Alley.’ If you like, you can submit your own design, or you can leave it to the artisan to design one for you based on your Chinese or English name.

Price: Typically around HK$100

Personalized name seal | shibainu/Flickr

Ocean Park SmartFun Annual Pass

The iconic Ocean Park is a marine, animal and amusement park and the largest theme park in Asia. Highlights include roller coasters, marine mammals, a giant panda exhibit and a scenic cable car ride, with millions of Hongkongers returning every year to relive their childhood memories. Give a friend yearlong access to Ocean Park by gifting them a Silver, Gold or Premium pass.

Price: HK$840-$2,300

Jeremy Thompson/Flickr


There’s nothing more feminine and elegant than a traditional cheongsam. This silhouette-hugging dress originated in Shanghai in the 1920s and is also known as a qipao. The upscale label Shanghai Tang has a stylish selection of cheongsams that have been reinvented for the modern woman.

Price: HK$2,980 and up


Chinese Tea and Teaware

Serious tea lovers need two things: quality tea and beautifully crafted teaware. Suppliers such as Ying Kee Tea offer both. Choose from a range of premium dried teas, including varieties such as pu-erh tea, jasmine tea and green tea. They also sell gorgeous teaware sets with intricate, traditional designs.

Price: HK$350 and up


Dim Sum Magnets

These adorable dim sum fridge magnets are a must-have for any Hong Kong-obsessed foodie. You can find a set online on Etsy. Alternatively, head to popular markets selling tourist trinkets, such as Ladies Market or Stanley Market, where they should be relatively easy to find.

Price: HK$118

Simon Law/Flickr

Bruce Lee Moleskine

More than four decades have passed since Enter the Dragon (1973), but Bruce Lee’s legacy still lives on. Kung fu fanatics will be thrilled to have this Bruce Lee-themed ruled pocket notebook from Moleskine. The front cover is debossed with a Bruce Lee silhouette, and well as Lee’s signature.

Price: US$45


The Blue Moment by Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze

This gorgeously curated photo-book contains 64 pages of high-resolution images from Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze’s The Blue Moment series. Published by Asia One Books, it’s a stunning collection of photographs captured at the moment before dusk, when Hong Kong is enveloped in a surreal, bluish haze.

Price: HK$320

The Blue Moment #08 | © Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze

Mini Moonlight Lamp

This adorable, color-changing mini lamp from DOMA features Hong Kong’s iconic skyline and is a great addition to any bedside table. For an extra dreamy effect, dim the lights to see a starry night sky projected onto the ceiling.

Price: HK$50 (discounted from HK$99)

Courtesy of DOMA

Hong Kong-Themed Prints

This elegant set of six designer prints, available from Sooq, is printed on premium archival bamboo paper, and features vintage photographs depicting various aspects of Hong Kong, including street signs, a tram, and a traditional café. It makes a unique addition to any living room wall.

Price: HK$1,560

Courtesy of Sooq

‘Hong Kong Culture’ Hanging Decorations

This set of four Hong Kong-themed hanging decorations from Lion Rock Press is perfect for celebrations such as Christmas and Chinese New Year. Each figurine is painstakingly hand-painted, and comes with a satin ribbon attached. A Dragon Dance lion, lucky fish charm, traditional red lantern and fortune cat are included.

Price: HK$350

Courtesy of

Kee Wah Bakery Gift Box

Founded in 1938, Kee Wah Bakery is one of Hong Kong’s top purveyors of traditional Chinese snacks and pastries. They offer gift boxes containing assorted snacks, such as butter egg rolls, fruit shortcakes, almond biscuits and more.

Price: $68 and up

John Loo/Flickr

Hong Kong Craft Beer

In recent years, Hong Kong’s independent craft beer scene has experienced an unprecedented boom. Check out The Bottle Shop for artisanal beers from local breweries such as Young Male Ales, Gweilo, Black Kite, Hong Kong Beer Co. and more.

Price: HK$30 and up

TheDigitel Beaufort/Flickr

WKW: The Cinema of Wong Kar Wai

Fans of arthouse auteur Wong Kar-Wai will swoon over this newly published retrospective on the Hong Kong director’s work. Structured as six conversations between John Powers and Wong Kar-Wai, the book discusses each of Wong Kar-Wai’s eleven films and contains some 250 gorgeous photographs and film stills.

Price: US$42.07

© Rizzoli

Blue, Red and White Shoulder String Bag

Walk through a busy Hong Kong market and you won’t miss the ubiquitous blue, red and white bags that Hongkongers have been using since the 1960s. The bag is made of nylon canvas and is favored for its cheapness and durability. This drawstring knapsack from RWB 330 refashions the iconic pattern into a stylish, lightweight accessory.

Price: HK$350

Traditional Hong Kong-style bags | WikiCommons