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Plane engine | © Dean Moriarty/Pixabay
Plane engine | © Dean Moriarty/Pixabay
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Woman Gets Arrested for Tossing Coins in Flight's Engine

Picture of Nikki Vargas
Travel Editor
Updated: 25 October 2017
Earlier this week, a 76-year old Chinese woman, surnamed Fang, was arrested for throwing coins into the engine of her Lucky Air flight. The unusual pre-flight ritual was spotted by fellow passengers who reported the incident to airline officials.

Although the coin was found on the ground by the engine, according to the Shanghaist, mechanics were forced (as is protocol) to perform a thorough examination of the Kunming-based budget aircraft. Although no damage was found, the necessary exam delayed the flight until 10am the following morning, leaving a wake of disgruntled passengers.

This is not the first incident this year in which an elderly Chinese woman has jeopardized and delayed a flight due to a pre-flight superstition. Back in June, an 80-year old traveler—surnamed Qiu—threw nine coins into the engine of a China Southern Airlines flight leaving Shanghai to Guangzhou, reports The Independent UK.

China Southern Airlines | © Flickr CC
China Southern Airlines | © Flickr CC

Similar to Fang and her Lucky Airlines debacle, the China Southern Airline was forced to evacuate all 150 passengers and delay the flight for five hours in order to perform a full examination, which revealed that one of the eight coins thrown had landed in the engine.

Both Fang and Qiu, who were detained by police, believe in the Buddhist practice of throwing coins for good luck. While Qiu was not charged for her misconduct, it remains to be seen whether Fang will prove as lucky.