This Macau Hotel Is Home to Asia’s Largest Wine Collection

© Alex Brown / Flickr
© Alex Brown / Flickr
Photo of Matthew Keegan
12 April 2018

Offering 16,800 different labels, and at 585 pages long, the wine list at the Grand Lisboa hotel in Macau takes some beating! It’s officially Asia’s biggest wine collection.

In the basement of the Grand Lisboa, a lotus shaped, sparkling gold coloured casino hotel and Macau’s tallest building, lies a veritable paradise for wine lovers.

Grand Lisboa | © nekonoir / Flickr

Covering 14 storerooms containing more than 100,000 bottles of wine, the hotel’s wine cellar is a treasure trove of 16,800 different labels. The cellar serves the hotel’s 15 restaurants and contains thousands of the best bottles from around the world.

As you might imagine, this all combines to make one huge wine list – 585 pages no less. It’s a heavy tome that would make for an exhaustive read if you were to view it all, or ‘a 585-page masterpiece’ as wine aficionados have described it. In 2016 it claimed the top title of World’s Best Wine List, Best Overall Wine List in Asia, and Best Dessert and Fortified Wine List in the World by World of Fine Wine magazine.

Grand Lisboa in Macau is home to Asia’s largest wine collection | © Robuchon au Dôme

The cellar housing all the bottles is located in the hotel’s basement and they are stored in separate areas according to required temperature. The cellar serves the hotel’s restaurants, led by the three Michelin-starred Robuchon au Dôme, the city’s most prestigious fine dining restaurant.

All of the world’s major wine producing countries are well represented, from Italian wines like Gaja, Antinori, Le Macchiole, Sassicaia, and Ornellaia to classic French vintages like Château Haut-Brion 1928. Also on the enormous list is a superb selection of Champagne and sparkling wines, ranging from Dom Pérignon to Krug and Louis Roederer (Cristal), as well as iconic growers like Jacques Selosse and Cédric Bouchard.

The wine list serves fine dining restaurant Robuchon au Dôme on the top floor of the hotel and 14 other restaurants in the property | © Robuchon au Dôme

With so many great wines to choose from – where do you start? A list that totals 585 pages and over 16,000 different labels can be a daunting and overwhelming one. Fortunately, the hotel’s expert sommeliers are on hand to help you navigate the endless options and help pair the perfect wine with your meal.