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Incense in Sichuan I ©
Lyle Vincent/Flickr
Incense in Sichuan I © Lyle Vincent/Flickr
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The Top 10 Bars In Sichuan, China

Picture of Kelly Cunningham
Updated: 12 July 2017
Sichuan, a beautiful and traditional province of southwestern China, is renowned across the world for its spicy cuisine and majestic temples. It also boasts a vibrant nightlife scene, offering venues of all types including traditional Irish pubs and quiet bookstore hangouts. Read on for our definitive guide to the 10 best bars in Sichuan, China.
Incense in Sichuan I © Lyle Vincent/Flickr
Incense in Sichuan I | © Lyle Vincent/Flickr
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Shamrock Irish Bar and Restaurant

For guests looking for live music, sports games and great beer, Shamrock Irish Bar and Restaurant is a great choice. During the day this cozy pub serves coffee and freshly baked bread, and at night it’s known for hosting fun themed events, live music and great dinner specials. By sticking to the basics this bar provides Chengdu with a Western bar experience that’s hard to find in Sichuan, and customers are sure to feel right at home in this laid-back environment.

Watch out for: Lively environment, large foreign beer selection and themed party nights

Price: Mid-range

Hours: 11am-2am

Address: No. 15 Renmin Nanlu, Section 4, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China +86 28 85326158


For travelers looking to meet new people, or indeed perhaps looking for love, this intimate venue is a top spot in which to mingle and interact with tourists and locals alike. The bartenders here even pass notes along from one customer to another for those who are a little shy! In addition to this friendly atmosphere, Danxingdao is also known for its large drink selection and welcoming staff. Check out this venue, have a drink and make a new friend or two.

Watch out for: A venue which aims to create new friendships

Price: Budget

Hours: 3pm-12am

Address: Middle Renmin Road, Chengdu, 6th-10th Floor, Qinggong, Sichuan, China

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Carol’s Too Bar

Located in the heart of Chengdu, Carol’s Too Bar is a perfect choice for music-lovers. Nightly jam sessions and live bands are a regular occurrence at this local favorite, and guests can expect to hear everything from blues and jazz to international hits. On Fridays, American, Italian and Mexican foods are added to the usual menu. On Thursdays, vibrant Latin dance lessons are offered, too.

Watch out for: Lots of events and live music

Price: Budget

Hours: Weekdays 3pm-12am, Weekends 3pm-3am

Address: No. 11 Renmin Nan Lu 086+ 28 85444 639.

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Dave’s Oasis

Founded by Dave himself, this one spot has it all for foreigners traveling in China. The owner used to be a tour guide in Tibet, but now runs this cool half bar, half travel agency that caters to backpackers in Sichuan. In addition to offering customers a refreshing drink, Dave can also help arrange tours, source tickets and give advice on just about anything related to travel in China. Even for guests just looking to sit down and have a drink, Dave’s Oasis is a top spot for a fantastic traveler’s bar.

Watch out for: Travel advice, cold beer and dedicated staff

Price: Budget

Address: 1 21 Binjiang Middle Rd, Jinjiang, Chengdu, Sichuan, China +86 135 4068 8645

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This trendy nightclub is the liveliest in the city. With separate sections for a live rock band, techno music, Chinese pop and Chinese-rock, MGM maintains a strong popularity with a wide array of locals and tourists alike. In addition to dance floors in every section, guests can also choose a table option if they feel like sitting rather than dancing to the music. This is a top spot for those who enjoy a vivacious club scene.

Watch out for: Multiple music options

Price: Mid-range

Hours: 8pm-2am

Address: 2 Lihua Jie, Jinjiang, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

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This fun restaurant and bar is renowned for its great promotions, friendly staff and, of course, large beer selection. In addition to local favorites, BeerNest is one of the few places to find craft beers in Chengdu. The themed evenings are a hit and range from German beer Mondays to Beer Pong Thursdays, with all participants receiving free beer for playing. With such a large variety, beer connoisseurs will never be bored here!

Watch out for: The huge beer selection

Price: Mid-range

Hours: 2pm-Late

Address: Wuhou District, Jinxiu Road 34-698 ,Chengdu +13730871837

Craft Beer

Craft Beer ⎸© Quinn Dombrowski/flickr

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This cozy spot provides travelers with a place to wind down and enjoy a relaxing drink or two. In addition to a large selection of beer and cocktails at the bar, Bookworm is also a bookstore and has a small restaurant section. An excellent place for a first date or some solitude, this establishment hosts a literary festival and runs its own publishing company for translations of contemporary Chinese literature. Bookworm is an excellent choice for those interested in a cultural drinking experience.

Watch out for: Imported wines and beer selection, and large range of books for perusing

Price: Mid-range

Hours: 9am-1am every day

Address: Yujie East Road 2-7#, Ren min South Road 28#, Chengdu, China+ (028) 85520177

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Le Café Panam(e)

Established in 2006, this club is known for its wild party scene and frequent special events. The disco balls and colorful lights encourage guests to dance and have fun while they’re out on the town. Additionally, patrons can play pool and darts between drinks at the bar. With ladies’ night on Wednesdays and free giveaways on other special event days, Le Café Panam(e) knows how to keep guests coming back for more. It’s most popular for young locals as well as American and French tourists.

Watch out for: Pool tournaments on Thursdays

Price: Budget

Hours: 7pm-late

Address: 2F, No. 143 Kehua North Road No.143 North Road Branch blue Caribbean Plaza, second floor, Chengdu, China +13982133619

Pool Table

Pool Table ⎸© Nan Palmero/flickr

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Little Bar

Established in 1997, this popular bar is the hotspot for the local rock music scene in China. Recently the owners renovated the building next door to accommodate more guests for live shows, but the original bar still has a lively and rocking atmosphere. Live shows take place every Friday and Saturday, but it’s also a great spot to visit during the week for guests looking to have a few drinks with friends. Check out Little Bar for a taste of great rock music and reasonably priced drinks.

Watch out for: Great local rock bands

Price: Budget

Hours: 6pm-late

Address: 47 Yongfeng Rd, Wuhou, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, 610041 +028- 85568552

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Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu bar opened in 2013 and has been impressing guests with a large selection of imported beer, friendly staff and a spacious interior ever since. Entertainment here includes a collection of board games, a foosball table and performances by bands and DJs. This classy bar is an excellent choice for those looking for a low-key night out with friends, or a place to see live music.

Watch out for: Welcoming staff, live music and comfortable seating

Price: Moderate

Hours: 6pm-late

Address: Yulin Beijie #1 Cheng du, Sichuan, China +15882356944

Board Game Collection

Board Game Collection ⎸© Lafilledevienne/pixbay