Top Restaurants Near The Summer Palace In Beijing

The Summer Palace I © paula soler-moya/Flickr
The Summer Palace I © paula soler-moya/Flickr
Photo of Kelly Cunningham
12 July 2017

The Summer Palace is a majestic lakefront structure in Beijing, China, renowned for its ornate temples and artworks, as well as its colorful landscaped gardens. If you’re feeling hungry after exploring its lakes, pavilions and palaces, the area also boasts a wealth of excellent restaurants to enjoy.

The Summer Palace I | © paula soler-moya/Flickr


Hotel, Luxury
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Imperial Suite Bedroom
Traditional wood panelling adds a regal feel to the suites | Courtesy of Aman at Summer Palace

This luxury restaurant serves the best of Cantonese, Western, Japanese and French cuisine. Located within the Aman hotel near the Summer Palace, the traditional architecture and scenery here are yet more reasons to consider this venue for a fancy dinner. Reservations can be made in advance for large parties, and guests can also choose to dine either in the lobby or in a private room. Aman’s interior decorations are based on traditional Chinese designs with a contemporary twist.


Tube Station Pizza

This American-style pizza joint known for supporting local charities, and often hosts themed party nights and live music events as well as fundraisers. In addition to pizza, the spot serves up tasty onion rings, burgers and ice-cold beer. Those with a sweet tooth will be pleased by the dessert pizza menu and delicious ice cream selections. Tube Station Pizza is a great place to get together with friends and try a slice.

17 Yiyuan, Anhui Beili, Dantun Lu, Chaoyang, Beijing, China +86 8599 9388

Pesto Pizza with Artichoke and Sundried Tomatoes

Pesto Pizza with Artichoke and Sundried Tomatoes ⎪© Timquijano/flickr

Yunhai Yao Ting Yun Xingfu Guan

Located in a large shopping center, Yunhai Ya Ting Yun Xingfu Guan is a small restaurant known for its Yunnan-style dishes and creative decorations. The service is impeccable and the food is delicious. Top picks here are the pineapple rice and the chicken soup, and in the summer, a spacious outdoor seating area here gives guests the chance to bask in the balmy Beijing sun.

No.208 Yiheyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China + 010-82400029

Bellagio Café

Winner of the Beijinger’s 2011 awards for ‘Best Late Night Dining’ and ‘Best Kung Pao Chicken’, this hip café is a favorite among young locals and exchange students. Modern Chinese dishes such as their claypot tofu make up most of the menu, but the restaurant also has a section for food with more of a Western influence. Mango shaved ice is one of their most colorful and popular dessert options. For those looking for a late-night bite to eat, Bellagio’s is a perfect choice.

35 Xiaoyun Lu Chaoyang district, Beijing, China +86 8451 9988

Mango Shaved Ice

Mango Shaved Ice ⎸© Phil Denton/flickr

Baijia Dayuan Restaurant

Restaurant, Chinese, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free
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Guests looking to dine amid Chinese architecture and authentic decorations should make Baijia Dayuan their first pick. Waitresses wear traditional Chinese dresses, garments known as Qipaos, and authentic fare abounds, with Peking duck, lobster and deer being some of the top menu picks. The outdoor garden adds to the relaxing atmosphere with its large fountain and rustic Chinese décor.

Yang DaYe Shabu Restaurant

Yang DaYe Shabu restaurant specializes in spicy hotpot and other Sichuan-style foods. Located just a stone’s throw from the Summer Palace, its excellent location makes it the perfect place to for adventurers to stop and experience the traditional style of Chinese cuisine. The natural wood and handmade decorations here give the interior a relaxed, rustic and charming feel, an atmosphere sure to delight guests.

The Summer Palace I | © paula soler-moya/Flickr

Heshun Small Town

A tiny restaurant located near to the Summer Palace, the Heshun Small Town restaurant keeps foreigners and locals coming back for its traditional Beijing-style cooking. Known for its friendly owners and the Chinese version of comfort food, this venue’s extensive menu will have something for everyone. Though it’s a on the small side, its wide range of customers and long list of choices keep this place exciting, even for the restaurant’s regulars. For those looking for a new place to grab lunch or a fast dinner, Heshuan Small Town is great choice.

Wan Liu DongLu Jia 2Hao, Beijing, China +86 010-62653636

Qinghuayuan Roast Duck Restaurant

Every guest who visits Qinghuayuan will not be disappointed by the Peking duck, but the side dishes are what really elevate the venue above its competition. Guests can enjoy moderate prices here, as well as a vibrant atmosphere always alive with energy. Private room options are available, but reservations should be made ahead of time. Highly recommended for tourists, Qinghuayuan tops the list for those looking to taste quality Beijing classics.

ZhongGuanCun East Road 1 Yard, QingHua KeJiYuan KeJi Mansion Tower 1 Floor, Beijing, China +86 010-82150018

Nanjing Dapai Dang

Restaurant, Chinese, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free
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Decorated in a charming style with red lanterns and long calligraphy scrolls, this restaurant is known for its Nanjing-style cooking and exceptional service. Usually bustling with a crowd, guests will be impressed by the lively atmosphere, and there is the unique opportunity to experience Chinese culture through traditional singing and dancing performances held during dinner. Authentic Chinese dining with a contemporary twist gives Nanjing Dapai Dang a laid-back atmosphere for a peaceful dining experience.

Wushan Kaoquanyu

This small restaurant is a favorite among locals and guests are sure to be impressed by this family-owned restaurant’s warm service, as well as their delicious dishes. Located along a street full of small restaurants, this isn’t a place travelers will want to miss. Look for the black sign with red writing to try some of their Beijing-style fish.
TianXiu Road East Intersection, Beijing, China + 010-62894379