The Most Beautiful Rice Paddies in China

Longsheng, China|©Tim Benedict Pou/Flickr
Longsheng, China|©Tim Benedict Pou/Flickr

The ability to cultivate rice in all manner of terrain took a settlement at the Huang He River Valley and turned it into one of the most prosperous, cultured, and technologically advanced civilisations in the world. Rice paddy terraces were a technological development that allowed China to grow strong, and also became a source of unique beauty for for the country, a representation of man’s ability to manipulate nature. Below are some of the most breathtaking rice paddies in China.

Longji Terraces

The Lonji rice terraces are 80 kilometers north of Guilin, in Longsheng county.

Harvest Time | © Chris Nener/Flickr
Longji Rice Terraces at Jinkeng Dazhai | © Navjot Singh/Flickr

While the terraces are in Longsheng county, they are commonly referred to as the “Longji” terraces which literally means “Dragon’s backbone.”

Longsheng, China | ©Tim Benedict Pou/Flickr

The ethnic Zhuang and Yao people who inhabit this part of Guangxi live in wooden houses.

Rice field and mountains | ©upslim/Shutterstock

In nearby Yangshuo, the famous Karst mountains make a majestic backdrop for the rice fields.

Yao Village Dazhai, Guangxi, China | ©Grigvovan

Dazhai is one of the ethnic Yao villages that is located among the terraced rice paddies.

Yuanyang Terraces

The Yuanyang rice terraces are in Yuanyang county, deep in rural Yunnan province.

Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces at Sunrise | © Chiu Ho-yang/Flickr
Yuanyang Rice Field Terraces | © François Philipp/Flickr
Rice Terraces | ©Hoang Giang Hai/Flickr
Terraced rice fields in water season | ©Zzvet/Shutterstock

When visiting Yuanyang, be aware that you do not have to enter the “scenic park” and pay an admission ticket to see the terraces. There many beautiful terraces all over the mountains of Yuanyang county.

Yunhe Rice Terraces

The “cloud terraces” of Yunhe County near Lishui city in Zhejiang province China | ©Dan Hanscom/Shutterstock

The Yunhe rice terraces are located in Zhejiang, 5 kilometers from Lishui city, in Yunhe county. Yunhe is the homeland of the She ethnic minority people, a eastern Chinese group with about 700,000 members.

Jiabang Rice Terraces

JIAJIU, Dong and Miao Village | ©Gustavo Geronimo

The Jiabang Terraces are in Guizhou, about 80 kilometers from the county town of Congjiang.

Jiabang | ©Gustavo Jeronimo/Flickr

This part of Guizhou province is inhabited by ethnic Miao people, who are known as the Hmong outside of China. These paddies are cultivated by the Miao.

Foggy Terraced Rice Fields | ©Thomas Galves/Flickr

The Miao village of Xijiang is actually a collection of 12 smaller villages. Comprised of over 1000 Miao families, Xijiang is the largest Miao village in China.

Rice terrace, Jiabang, Province of Guizhou, China | ©lingling7788/Shutterstock

Ziquejie Terraces

Rice Terrace in Hunan | © Viaggio Routard/Flickr

These rice terraces are located in Hunan, 285 kilometers west of Changsha, in Xinhua county, Shuiche district. These terraces are somewhat more remote and less traveled than the more popular Longji and Yuanyang terraces.

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