The Best Restaurants in Haidian, Beijing

© tookapic / Pixabay
© tookapic / Pixabay
Photo of Fran Lu
17 January 2018

As the center of education of Beijing and even China, Haidian district harbors the majority of Beijing’s top universities. So if you are looking for good budget restaurants, look no further, because all the domestic and overseas students in Haidian can assure you of that. Besides, as the district further extends northwest to the mountains and villages, you can experience the local village restaurants and spacious specialty restaurants without having to venture too far away from the downtown area.

Bai Family Mansion

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You shouldn’t miss this restaurant if you are a Qing dynasty history buff. Not only will you be able to try the Beijing’s Imperial Court food in a resplendently decorated, Imperial Court-like hall, you’ll also get friendly service from the staff who dress like princesses and officials from the Qing dynasty.

99 Yurts

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The restaurant managed to fit literally 99 Mongolian yurts near the outskirts of Beijing as its distinctive VIP rooms. You may feel free to feast on roast whole lamb, homemade yogurt, and suutei tsai milk tea while enjoying the Mongolian singing and dancing performances that accompany the food.

Ming Dong Bang

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There are two places you should go in Beijing for the best Korean food: one is Chaoyang’s Wangjing; the other is Haidian’s Wudaokou. While Wangjing has Beijing’s biggest concentration of Korean residents, Wudaokou is known for the large group of Korean overseas students in the nearby universities. Ming Dong Bang is the most popular Korean restaurant in Wudaokou. Its Korean noodles with black bean sauce and bibimbap are must-tries.

Breath Yard

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The restaurant is hidden in a village in the northeastern outskirts of Beijing. It’s so low-key that you can’t even find the sign for it if not looking carefully, but once you sit down in its greenhouse-like dining room and have a bite of its Italian food made from fresh ingredients, you’ll know why the restaurant is worth the trip. Besides, it is said that the restaurant doesn’t have a menu, and the dishes are all decided by the chef according to the ingredients available on the day – delightful for those who love surprises.

Jianyi Jingyuan

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Ever thinking of dining in a traditional Chinese garden? Jianyi Jingyuan is going to realize that dream. The spacious hotel and restaurant is designed to look like a Chinese garden, offering exquisite dishes from both Chinese and Western cuisines. It’s surrounded by several parks in the suburbs, which makes it a perfect place to stop by during an outing.