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The Best Nachos In Shanghai, China
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The Best Nachos In Shanghai, China

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Updated: 11 November 2016
You know every dietitian on God’s green earth would shake their disapproving head at you for eating nachos but how can nachos be wrong when they taste so right. If you’re going to soak your body in saturated fats and cholesterol, make it count. Here are our picks for the best nachos in Shanghai.
Pistolera's vegetarian Nachos
Pistolera’s vegetarian Nachos | Courtesy of Pistolera

The Chalet has a regular Happy Hour and offers house wines at 25 RMB and a wide selection of cocktails at 30 RMB. The nachos are part of a US bistro-style menu. The sizable portions come with all the usual trimmings — guacamole, sour cream, salsa, jalapeños, cheese and beef — but is set apart by the thick, lavishly portioned cheese and the unique, sweet salsa.

The Chalet, 385 Yongjia Rd, Xuhui, Shanghai, China, +86 21 3401 0958

Big Bamboo is a historical expat institution. The archetypal sports bar features pool tables, foosball, darts and shuffleboards. There are around 100 dishes — burgers, hot dogs, salads, Tex-Mex, pasta and pizzas. The standard Nachos Locos offers tortillas topped with tomatoes, peppers, olives, jalapeños, melted cheese, and side pots of sour cream, salsa and refried beans.

Multiple Locations in Shanghai, China

Look! Lettuce! It's totally healthy! - The Chalet Nacho's | Courtesy of Paul McConnell
Look! Lettuce! It’s totally healthy! – The Chalet Nacho’s | Courtesy of Paul McConnell

Pistolera is fast becoming Shanghai’s favorite Mexican restaurant. The Xujiahui branch’s beautiful, scenic deck offers leafy views of Hengshan Road. Pistolera gives you a healthy five options for your Nachos: vegetarian, al pastor pork, chorizo, homemade chili, and grilled beef carne asada. The multiple-award winning Chili Nachos is the clear forerunner. Juicy, sweet and perfectly spiced, it’s balanced with the dry, crunchy chips in a manner nothing short of artful. You’ll find no mountain of thick cheese here, Pistolera’s creamy decadence comes in the form of a light layer of Monterrey Jack cheese, accompanied by both chipotle mayo and jalepeño-avocado cream. Topped off with pico de gallo salsa, sour cream, refried beans, habanero pickled onions, and thick cut jalapeños, you won’t find a better Nachos in the city.

Pistolera, 838 Hengshan Rd, XuJiaHu, Xuhui, Shanghai, China, +86 21 5461 0619

The Shed's Mountainous Nacho Feast | Courtesy of Paul McConnell
The Shed’s Mountainous Nacho Feast | Courtesy of Paul McConnell

The Shed is a popular Aussie-themed bar on Shaanxi Bei Lu. The nacho dish here is a mountainous stack. The core of any Nachos are the chips. The Shed’s are salty, crunchy and deliciously corny, complemented by a thick creamy layer of cheese and juicy red and green peppers.

The Shed, 698 Shaanxi Bei Rd, Shanghai, China, +86 21 6237 6381