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The Best Chinese Restaurants In Beijing

The Best Chinese Restaurants In Beijing

Picture of Wing Tung Isabella Yu
Updated: 9 February 2017
Chinese dishes originate from many diverse regions, including Sichuan, Henan, Guangzhou, Beijing and many more. With distinct flavours and styles, they are all worth a try. From classic Peking roast duck to the signature spicy all-you-can-eat hot pot, we offer our recommendation of the best Chinese restaurants in Beijing.

Hai Di Lao Hot Pot

With over 100 branches stretched across China, Hai Di Lao is a hot pot chain offering all-you-can-eat Chinese-style hot pot. Dining at Hai Di Lao offers you a circus-like experience, where you’ll see waiters pulling noodles to perfection and attendants flipping balloons into different shapes. Hai Di Lao has been bestowed with over 10 awards including “Notable Hot Pot Restaurant” and “Excellent Enterprise” in Henan, Shang’xi and Sichuan. From fresh meat dumplings, homemade tofu pudding, layer tripe, to duck gizzards, Hai Di Lao incorporates various soup bases of regional specialties. The Sichuan-style hotpot mixed with chili and exclusive sauce is a must-try item.


Jia 2 Baijiazhuang Rd, Chaoyang, Beijing, China, +86 1065952982

Quan Ju De

There’s a saying that if you fail to reach the Great Wall, you are not a man. Similarly, if you fail to visit Quan Ju De, you are not a gourmet. Offering the most expensive Peking duck in town, Quan Ju De is noted for its thin, crispy skin with sliced juicy meat rolled into pancakes with scallion, sweet bean sauce and cucumber. Established in 1864, this long-running restaurant earns a great reputation at home and abroad with the roast duck baked in a hanging furnace. Flavoured with duck gravy, the duck soup simmered for days is another must-try dish.


30 Qianmen Street, Beijing, China, +86 1065112418

Riverside Village of Mountain Wushan Roast Whole Fish

This authentic and traditional haunt features Chongqing-style spicy grilled fish. As a reputable chain that flourishes in China, Wushan-inspired grilled fish at Riverside Village Mountain should not be missed. Charred outside and tender inside with a rich meat layer, Riverside Village Mountain serves over seventeen varieties of grilled fish. The worth-the-wait specialties include catfish, black fish, Qingjiang fish, and longsnout catfish flavoured with choices of kimchi, fermented soybeans, or chili. Reasonably priced, the freshly grilled catfish has the most amazing flavour.


GuLou West Avenue 76, Beijing, China, +86 01064033046

Najia Xiaoguan

Persevere past the unappealing red brick exterior and you are rewarded in Najia Xiaoguan with a world of imperial Chinese decor and dishes. Imitating the design of Qing Dynasty, this place looks classy, quaint and refined, embellished with wooden tables and celadon tableware. The menu features mainly imperial dishes, and the Huang Tanzi, a traditional yet historical dish stewed in golden-coloured broth, is the bestselling delicacy. Simmered for over twelve hours to perfection, Huang Tanzi is made with premium ingredients like shark’s lip, and deer’s sinew. Some of the recipes require seasonal fruits and vegetables and only appear on the menu occasionally.


2 Jiuxianqiao N Rd, Chaoyang, Beijing, China, +86 1059789333

Spice Spirit

Craving that chili sensation of Chinese cuisine? The tempting fish fillets in hot chili oil, spicy shrimps and characteristic cooked frog topped with pepper at Spice Spirit could challenge your taste buds. Using premium green peppers collected from remote mountains at 1,600 meters above sea level in Sichuan, Spice Spirit offers a selection of popular favourites. The boiled blood curd is worth trying, it includes luxury ingredients ranging from duck blood, black fungus to fresh pork aorta is an unforgettable dish that contains five kinds of secret spice sauce.


Wudaokou Shopping Plaza, 28 Chengfu Rd, Haidian, Beijing, China, +86 1062666788