The Best Cafés in Chaoyang, Beijing

Coffee | © Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay
Coffee | © Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay
Photo of Julianna Tetreault
Contributer13 January 2018

With coffee culture on the rise, it is no surprise that Beijing’s once small list of “best cafés” has grown into one much bigger. In the city’s Chaoyang district alone, there are a handful of cafés that all have at least one thing in common: they are the real deal when it comes to coffee. We at Culture Trip realize that finding the best coffee shop to meet all of your caffeine needs can be difficult, and that is why we’ve compiled a list of Chaoyang district’s top shops—continue reading to find out which cafés are the best!


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A flat white and piece of biscotti make a perfect pairing at Bracket
A flat white and piece of biscotti make a perfect pairing at Bracket | © Julianna Tetreault

New to Beijing’s coffee scene and still in its soft-opening phase, is one of Chaoyang’s newest café additions. This eye-catching establishment has caught the attention of many coffee enthusiasts around the city for its location—situated in the heart of Sanlitun—and its deliciously caffeinated drinks.

The exterior of is quite stunning; the building is a towering two-story beauty made up of white, textured metal and large, glossy windows. The café’s doors appear seamless, opening automatically for customers who approach. ’s interior design is just as stunning as its exterior. With glistening silver and wood décor, sleek seating areas with plush pillows, a wrap-around coffee bar, and a spacious café lounge area, the shop proves to be an architectural masterpiece. Suitable for solo-work sessions, or business meetings, getting your caffeine fix at means getting one that is both tasty and stylish.

Maan Café

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Maan Coffee, Beijing
Maan Coffee, Beijing | © Julianna Tetreault / Culture Trip

This multi-location café is one of Beijing’s most beloved and has been satisfying the city’s coffee needs since it first opened just a few years back. Maan Coffee was one of the first cafés to fulfill the at-home, eclectically decorated coffee shop niche that Beijing, and China as a whole, was lacking. The café’s interior is beautifully random in the most organized way. Chandeliers and mosaic lights occupy the ceilings, and reclaimed wooden tables, plants, and diffusers are scattered across the shop. Also, a variety of chairs with plush pillows take up the café’s floor space.

Maan Coffee is not only known for having some of the best coffee in the city, but it’s also known for its fluffy and flavorful waffles; having brunch at Maan Coffee is always delicious. Whether you have a day full of work ahead of you or are looking for a café in Chaoyang suitable for meeting friends and co-workers, Maan Coffee is the place for you!


Maan Coffee, Beijing | © Julianna Tetreault / Culture Trip

Central Perk

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Central Perk
Central Perk | © Stephanie Chapman / Flickr

Calling all Friends fanatics: Central Perk, located in the heart of Beijing’s Central Business District in Chaoyang, is the café for you! The end-all, be-all for Friends fans, this café is a replication of both the television show’s coffee shop, as well as Joey and Chandler’s (two of the show’s characters) apartment—orange couch and all! Aside from its almost identical set-up to that of the TV show, Beijing’s Central Perk also boasts quotes and memorabilia from the show and plays episodes from it on a constant loop.

Central Perk is not only a place for fans, but it is also a fully functional café, where Beijingers frequently go to work and enjoy the tasty coffee and treats it has to offer. So, whether you adore Friends, or quality coffee and desserts (or maybe both!), Central Perk is a must-visit while in the Chaoyang area.

C5 Café

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Coffee | © Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

Otherwise known as C5 Art, C5 Café is not your ordinary coffee shop. Situated in an art complex in Beijing’s Chaoyang district, C5 Café can be a bit difficult to locate if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The coffee shop is small, and more than anything, it resembles a coffee bar more than a full-on café. Its interior is made up of clean, white walls and large, glossy windows that give the coffee shop a nature feel; a few wooden tables and metal chairs neatly occupy the café’s inside too. Offering customers not only wonderfully crafted coffee but also a scrumptious brunch menu, C5 Café is perfect for any occasion!

There Will Be Bread

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Almond Croissant
Almond Croissant | © Barney Bishop / Flickr

“We love to make bread for the city that loves to eat it,” reads the storefront’s window. There Will Be Bread is a relatively new café located on one of Chaoyang district’s most visited streets. The shop—a tiny, brick building that has a home-like feel to it—is known best for its freshly baked bread and dough-based treats. Filling a niche that Beijing so desperately needed to be filled, There Will Be Bread provides locals with authentically baked French goods and, of course, deliciously roasted coffee. For bread and coffee connoisseurs, we highly recommend ordering one of the café’s almond croissants, or cinnamon rolls, and a cup of their freshly brewed espresso—there will be bread, and coffee too!

Soloist Coffee Co.

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Located in the ever-popular Sanlitun sub-district of Chaoyang, Soloist Coffee Co. has proven itself time and time again as one of the city’s best cafés. Known for its cozy, relaxed atmosphere, locals and expats alike flock to the coffee shop for both work and pleasure. Whether you’re meeting with coworkers or friends, or are looking for a comfortable place to hide away, Soloist Coffee Co. is suitable for any coffee-based occasion! Beijingers love the café for its diverse drink menu and locally roasted bags of take-home coffee beans. Perfect for anyone on the coffee spectrum—coffee novices to coffee experts—Soloist Coffee Co. is a must for any coffee necessity.

Café Flatwhite

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A flat white
A flat white | © StockSnap / Pixabay

Serving up highly sought-after beans, in an equally sought-after location, Café Flatwhite is a local favorite. Located in the 798 Art District, the café’s atmosphere has an industrial feel to it; simple and modern, the café is decorated with exposed brick and wooden accents. Customers are drawn to the café for its high-quality coffee-based drinks, which are made from specialty roasted beans provided by Beijing’s one and only Rickshaw Roasters—a company founded in Beijing and inspired by New Zealand’s coffee culture. Café Flatwhite is not limited to just their mouthwatering coffee (they have lattes too), but also offer customers just as delicious food. With everything you could need from a café and more, Café Flatwhite is a must-try while in Chaoyang district.

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