The Best Breakfasts and Brunches in Sanlitun, Beijing

Enjoy breakfast or brunch in Sanlitun, Beijing | Pixabay
Enjoy breakfast or brunch in Sanlitun, Beijing | Pixabay
Sanlitun in Beijing is famous for its robust nightlife, but it’s a pity to leave the area before dawn—especially as this stylish neighborhood is filled with some of the best breakfast and brunch spots in town.

Taoyuan Juancun

Restaurant, Chinese, $$$

This Taiwanese snack-bar caused a sensation when its first store opened in Sanlitun. Here you can try Taiwan-style soya milk and deep-fried dough sticks, as well as the specially made meat-floss rice rolls, that you can hardly find anywhere else. Though the soya milk is served in quite a large bowl, you’ll be rewarded for finishing the whole thing with a verse beautifully written on the bottom of the bowl.

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Tiens Tiens

Patisserie, Restaurant, French, $$$

This patisserie has every element necessary to become an Instagram celebrity—tasty desserts with beautiful colors, minimal, off-white furniture, and a two-storey building with French windows and a rooftop dining area. The patisserie’s name, Tiens Tiens, is impossibly cute, but still not as cute as the owner Gu Leike’s belief: “People grow teeth to eat desserts.”

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The Rug

Restaurant, Fusion, Healthy, Vegetarian
Shakshuka | © cyclonebill / Flickr

The Rug is among the pioneers of brunch in Beijing. Its specialty is homemade yogurt, a healthy treat with rich toppings of all kind, like fresh fruit and crisp nuts. The Rug also makes a point of going against the globalization of the food industry, and strives to include local produce and ingredients as often as possible.

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Meal service:

Brunch, Breakfast


Business, Modern, Relaxed, Stylish, Casual

Home Grounds

Restaurant, Healthy, $$$

This family brunch restaurant is a favorite among nearby residents who like to sweat it out at the gym. Other than the healthy and tasty pancakes, the restaurant also offers classic English breakfast at a very reasonable price, and British delicacy fish and chips.

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The Bookworm

Cafe, Restaurant, Bar, Food Court, Bistro, American
The Bookworm, Sanlitun
The Bookworm is one of the best English-language bookshops in Beijing | © dpa picture alliance / Alamy Stock Photo

Those who are familiar with The Bookworm all know that the best part about this store is not its food, but the walls of original English books, talk shows and lectures. The noisiness of The Bookworm is quite random, depending on the activities of the day, but at least the quite environment for reading can be guaranteed at brunch time.

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Queen’s Café

Bakery, Patisserie, Chinese

Right next to Taoyuan Juancun, Queen’s Café is the Beijing branch of the famous Hong Kong bakery brand. This café is highly praised for its range of both delicious and good-looking cakes—the best part is the authentic Hong Kong milk tea that you won’t find easily in other cafés in Beijing.

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