The 10 Best Airbnbs in Beijing

Beijing is home to more than 20 million people
Beijing is home to more than 20 million people | © Originoo Image Technologies Co. Limited / Alamy Stock Photo
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18 June 2019

Beijing is home to more than 20 million people – and as you scroll through page after page of Airbnb listings, it may feel as if there are just as many short-term rental options to choose from in China’s capital. If you can’t make up your mind about where to stay, take a peek at Culture Trip’s shortlist of the 10 best Airbnbs in Beijing.

Cosy hotel apartment near Xiangyun

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Cosy hotel apartment near Xiangyun © Airbnb
Cosy hotel apartment near Xiangyun | © Airbnb

Situated a stroll from Xiangyun, this sleek one-bedroom property is tailor-made for couples. The decor is clean, bright and simple, the floor-to-ceiling windows are flooded with natural light and the dining room invites guests to enjoy a candlelit dinner. Guests often comment that a stay at this leafy, green apartment feels like one in a luxury hotel.

Modern apartment in Sanlitun

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Sanlitun modern apartment © Airbnb
Sanlitun modern apartment | © Airbnb

This creative Airbnb is half accommodation, half art gallery. The three-bedroom property exhibits artworks from all over the world, inviting guests to take home a piece if they fancy. The industrial-chic decor suits the contemporary artworks hanging on the walls and the Sanlitun location is also great for guests wanting to experience Beijing’s art scene at the many local galleries, theatres and bookstores.

French retro apartment

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French retro apartment © Airbnb
French retro apartment | © Airbnb

Welcome to a little slice of Paris transplanted in Beijing. This French-style two-bedroom apartment shows off sophisticated European decor and retro interior design. The highlight is the sun-drenched open-plan kitchen. The location is also top-drawer, sitting in the Sanlitun neighbourhood just steps from the Tongying Center.

Sun-filled loft apartment

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Sun-filled loft apartment © Airbnb
Sun-filled loft apartment | © Airbnb

This one-bedroom boutique apartment makes the most of its limited space, squeezing a relaxing tearoom into the property. Overlooking the Grand Canal intersection, with panoramic views of the busy area below, this ultra-modern loft is decorated with quirky contemporary furniture that matches the spectacular scenery.

Beiyinghui Courtyard

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Beiyinghui Courtyard © Airbnb
Beiyinghui courtyard | © Airbnb

Enjoy an authentic taste of Chinese culture at this traditional courtyard house. Beiyinghui is equipped with a modern kitchen, a sunny courtyard with tables and outdoor couches and large bathrooms that make the property perfect for families and larger groups. This Airbnb is located in the Hegezhuang village, an area known for its boutique art galleries.

Modern apartment near North Luogu Lane

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Modern design apartment near North Luogu Lane © Airbnb
Modern design apartment near North Luogu Lane | © Airbnb

Quiet, cosy and contemporary, this apartment is a relaxing place to stay within a massive metropolis such as Beijing, featuring homely decor and hand-drawn maps in the bedroom with local tips and hints about the best ways to discover the city. This three-bedroom, full-bathroom Airbnb is perched above North Luogu Lane, an alley that offers a glimpse into traditional Beijing life in an authentic hutong area.

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  • Super-convenient apartment near Beijing Railway Station

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    Super convenient apartment near Beijing Railway Station © Airbnb
    Super convenient apartment near Beijing Railway Station | © Airbnb

    This Airbnb delivers what it promises on the tin: a convenient place to stay, right next to Beijing’s main train station. But this luxury studio is also a comfortable home base for travellers spending a little longer in the city, kitted out with a stack of modern amenities. We’re talking anti-fog air purifiers and humidifiers, a gaming console, a washing machine and iron and even a buckwheat pillow to help you get a solid night’s sleep.

    American-style apartment

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    American apartment © Airbnb
    American apartment | © Airbnb

    Sitting smack bang in the middle of Beijing’s financial district, this Airbnb is popular with both business and leisure travellers. The American-style apartment is all about relaxation (there’s an essential-oil aromatherapy machine, deluxe toiletries in the bathroom and a plush latex memory mattress), while a glass chandelier in the bedroom adds a little touch of luxury.

    Apartment-style home near Deshengmen

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    Nange’s energy lodge
    Nange’s energy lodge | © Nan / Courtesy of Airbnb

    Reviews rave about the hospitality of host Nan, who has personally arranged a meditation corner for guests within the apartment. As well as those Zen vibes, this two-bedroom apartment boasts an indoor fireplace, beautiful interiors and a fully equipped kitchen bar.

    Sunny luxury apartment in central Beijing

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    Sunny luxury apartment in central Beijing © Airbnb
    Sunny luxury apartment in central Beijing | © Airbnb

    This Airbnb is ideal for families, with its two double bedrooms, two bathrooms, light-filled family room and child-friendly design touches throughout. There are toys for kids of all ages, Chinese and English children’s books, kitchen appliances designed for budding young chefs and a colourful ball pit, while the super-central location provides a great launchpad for exploring the Chinese capital with the family.

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