The 10 Best Restaurants in Jing'an District

Dim Sum | ©Travis Wise/Flickr
Dim Sum | ©Travis Wise/Flickr
As a district full of expats hailing from all over the world, Jing’an in Shanghai is a melting pot of flavors. From greasy American to spicy Indonesian, the restaurants here will give you a taste of the world without having to travel.

Co. Cheese

Bar, Restaurant, American

If Co. Cheese isn’t one of the first restaurants you hear about in Shanghai, you’re doing it wrong. This beloved little restaurant makes the best grilled cheese sandwich you’ll ever have. Choose from fillings such as Mac and Cheese, turkey and mashed potatoes, duck and brie, or Chinese style braised meat. A small sandwich is just RMB50 ($7), and at lunch that comes with a free side of tomato soup. Just what the doctor ordered.

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Little Catch

Restaurant, Seafood

Located in the French Concession on a particularly expat-friendly section of Wulumuqi Middle Rd, is poke bowl favorite Little Catch. Poke is a classic Hawaiian dish made from seasoned, cubed fish and your choice of toppings. The cuisine has exploded in popularity worldwide in the last year, and Little Catch is the reason this trend entered Shanghai. Find its copycats spreading throughout the rest of the city.

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Pizzeria, Restaurant, American

The latest craze in Shanghai is pizza by the slice, and the latest iteration of that also happens to be the greatest. Homeslice is New York style pizza at its finest: big, oily slices served on paper plates (best consumed after a few drinks). There are six varieties available, and slices run from RMB20 ($2.90) to RMB30 ($4.35).

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Restaurant, Indonesian, $$$
Indonesian cuisine favorite Bumbu imports most of its chefs and ingredients straight from the source. Expect big, intense flavors from their primarily meat, fish, vegetable, and curry-based dishes. An extensive dessert menu is available as well. If you can’t handle the heat, don’t worry, there are mild dishes too.
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Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice

Restaurant, Chinese, Malaysian

Hainanese chicken rice is as simple a dish as it sounds, but what makes it so incredible is that the rice is cooked in the chicken stock, along with ginger and garlic. Although the dish originated in China’s southern island of Hainan, it is now more associated with Singaporean and Malaysian cuisines. Expect lines around lunchtime.

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Saigon Mama

Restaurant, Vietnamese

It can often be a challenge to find good quality beef soups (containing a healthy portion of meat) in Shanghai. So if beef is what you’re looking for, Saigon Mama is for you. As the name suggests, this restaurant specializes in Vietnamese cuisine. Here you’ll find four types of pho noodle soups, including the pho combo of brisket, shank, tendons, and beef balls.

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