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The 10 Best Restaurants In Hangzhou, China

The 10 Best Restaurants In Hangzhou, China

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Hangzhou, one of the most beautiful places in China, is an old city filled with historic and scenic spots. It also has lots of fine restaurants offering traditional Hang cuisine, as well as innovative Western-style dishes. Here is our list of the 10 best restaurants in the city.

Hyatt 28

Being named as one of the Asia’s top 50 restaurants for three years running, Hyatt 28 is definitely one of the best places in Hangzhou for you to have very fine and traditional Hang dishes. They are famous for the Dongpo pork pyramid, a delicious dish made of juicy pork belly which requires great knife skills, as the pork should be sliced thinly so as to form a pyramid shape.  But you can feel free to pick any dish you like at the restaurant as most of their dishes are just fabulous and flavourful.


Hyatt 28, Hyatt Hotel, 28 Hubin Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, China, +86 571 8779 1234

The West Lake in Hangzhou / Pixabay

The West Lake in Hangzhou / Pixabay

Sawasdee Thai Restaurant

Sawasdee Thai Restaurant is comfortable, like a lovely resort in Thailand. They serve a wide variety of genuine Thai dishes, such as tom yum, green mango salad, as well as different types of curry. They also provide traditional Thai-style drinks, and you should not miss their imported coconut, a perfect complement to the sour and spicy Thai cuisine. The staff are nice and welcoming and though some of them are Thai, they do speak fluent English and Chinese.


Sawasdee Thai, Restaurant, 2/F, Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Hotel, 555 Fengqi Road, Xiachang District, Hangzhou, China, +86 571 8761 6888

Le Restaurant

Located in a hotel near to the Xihu (West Lake), Le Restaurant is a elegant restaurant offering Western-style food, such as pizza, salad, steak, and pasta. Their various pizzas are delicious, the ingredients are fresh and the chefs bake their pizzas in a masonry oven, which makes the pizzas really crispy and flavoursome. You can dine on their awesome terrace and enjoy a spectacular view of the mountains.


Le Restaurant, Shenanbei Hotel, 108 Manjuelong Road, Hupao Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, China, +86 571 8779 1234

Street life in Hangzhou © Xiquinho Silva / Flickr

Street life in Hangzhou © Xiquinho Silva / Flickr

Gui Yu Shan Room Fine Dining

Gui Yu Shan Room Fine Dining uses ‘gui’, sweet olive, as a main theme; therefore, you will be able to see this flower and smell its refreshing scent everywhere in the restaurant. Their dishes are petite and delicate, while tasting very delicious and appetizing. The environment is equally fabulous as well, with yixing clay teapots, wooden furniture, and elegant Chinese paintings used to decorate the dining area.

Gui Yushan Room Fine Dining, 2-1 Manjuelong Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, China, +86 571 8797 7138

Jin Sha

Situated in the luxurious 5-star Four Seasons Hotel, Jin Sha is a fabulous restaurant serving Eastern, Western and fusion cuisine. Their hazelnut goose liver paté with a spring onion pancake, and the roasted black truffle and cauliflower, are just amazing. They offer a list of Chinese teas as well, try jin jun mei or aroma fenghuang dancing which are wonderful types of tea grown above 1,400 meters high in the mountains.


Jin Sha, Four Seasons Hotel, 5 Lingyin Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, China, +86 571 8829 8888

Evening in Hangzhou © USDA China / Flickr

Evening in Hangzhou © USDA China / Flickr

Mr. King Restaurant & Lounge

Looking like an old English factory, Mr. King Restaurant & Lounge serves a wide range of Asian and Western food.  Their food is fresh and savoury, while their cocktails are colourful and attractive. This is a place that you can definitely drop in for a drink in the evening. It is also noteworthy that this English-style restaurant does offer traditional English afternoon tea with lovely scones, cakes, cookies, as well as great English teas.


Mr. King Restaurant & Lounge, 1/F, Xinshiji Mansion, 17-19 Miduqiao Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, China, +86 571 8792 8858

Zhi Wei Guan

Founded in 1913, Zhi Wei Guan is a Hang restaurant with a long history,  providing delicate dim sums, snacks, and desserts. Besides petite dishes, they also offer traditional Hang dishes, such as Xihu fish in vinegar gravy and beggar’s chicken. The interior is cosy and you can feel free to have your food on the second storey with lovely lake scenery and gentle breeze.


Zhi Wei Guan, 83 Renhe Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, China, +86 571 8701 8638


Da Wang Huo Lu

In Da Wang Huo Lu is a great place for meat lovers. They provide a wide range of barbecue meat, including pork collar butt, black pig pork belly, Kobe beef and the popular thickly sliced ox tongue. The dishes they provided are all fresh and juicy, while they taste even better with the three house dips, which are sesame oil, barbecue sauce and vinegar.


Da Wang Huo Lu, 2/F, 66 Dongpo Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, China, +571 8649 8071

The Grandma’s

Located next to the beautiful West Lake, The Grandma’s is a very popular restaurant serving orthodox Hang cuisine, aiming to bring out the natural flavour and freshness of ingredients. The Grandma’s offers plentiful dishes, including Dongpo braised pork belly, Xihu fish in vinegar gravy, and tea scented chicken. Besides their great food, the environment is also elegant and comfortable. If diners sit by the windows, they will be able to appreciate the lovely scenery of the West Lake.


The Grandma’s, 3 Hubin Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, China, +571 8510 1939

Hangzhou temple / Pixabay

Hangzhou temple / Pixabay

Hai Dao. Shen Hai Liao Li (Hai Dao. Abyssal Sea Ryori)

Hai Dao. Shen Hai Liao Li is a beautifully decorated Japanese restaurant serving traditional Japanese ryori (cuisine), including fresh sashimi, sushi, udon, and snacks. The most popular dish is their curry king crab, which is a giant crab with juicy meat and savoury crab roe. Their various drinks are also great, such as cranberry soda and pineapple soda, being perfect to complement their fresh Japanese dishes.


Hai Dao. Shen Hai Liao Li, 103, 3 Nong, Long Xiang Li, 77B District, Hubin Intime, 225 Yan An Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, China, +571 8601 9695