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The 10 Best Restaurants In Downtown Shanghai, China

The 10 Best Restaurants In Downtown Shanghai, China

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Shanghai is one of the most prosperous cities in China. However, it’s not just a luxurious and money-oriented economic zone, it is also a lovely town boasting an array of ancient nongtangs (lanes) featuring excellent restaurants. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best dining establishments in Shanghai.

Nong Tang Yan

Situated in a Shanghai nongtang, Nong Tang Yan serves traditional Shanghainese cuisine. Classic dishes include congshao crucian carp, drunken shrimps, and salted pork with bamboo shoot soup. Diners can enjoy their genuine Benbang (‘local’) meal in this quaint two story restaurant. The staff are friendly and helpful, and everyone will be willing to recommend tasty dishes for you. Nong Tang Yan also provides plenty of drinks and Chinese wines to complement their dishes.


Nong Tang Yan, No. 9, 155 Wu Yi Road, Changning District, Shanghai, China, +86 21 5239 7776

Amao Restaurant

Amao Restaurant provides diners with a wide range of delicious Shanghainese dishes, and they are particularly famous for their drunken seafood, like drunken shrimps, crabs, and spiral shells. Drunken seafood, or wine-preserved seafood, is a very common dish in Shanghai. Amao Restaurant does not just serve traditional sweet, drunken or braised dishes, they also offer simpler dishes, like bai ye (bean curd skin roll) and glutinous rice balls in fermented sweet wine soup.


Amao Restaurant, 53 South Shanxi Road, Luwan District, Shanghai, China, +86 21 6248 9206

Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet

Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet could be the most mysterious restaurant in Shanghai. The location of their restaurant is never revealed, and they only accept ten diners each night. Ultraviolet provides extraordinarily fine dishes, and it is an award-winning restaurant, ranked number 24 in the world in 2015. They offer a multi-sensory experience which includes ultraviolet lighting, music, and dry scent projectors to create a fantastic dining environment.


Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet, Location Disclosed Upon Reservation, Shanghai, China.

Fu He Hui

Fu He Hui is a vegetarian restaurant serving light dishes, and their aim is to retain the original flavor and nutrition of their ingredients. Fu He Hui promotes healthy values, therefore the chefs only use organic or natural oil for cooking, such as walnut oil and hazelnut oil. Housed in a two story Western-style house, the environment of Fu He Hui is also incredibly welcoming.


Fu He Hui, 1037 Yu Yuan Road, Changning District, Shanghai, China, +86 21 3980 9188


Founded by an Italian, Goodfellas is one of the best Italian restaurants located in the the Bund, in the heart of Shanghai. They serve brilliant Italian dishes complemented by a good selection of red and white wines. Their classic desserts are as good as their main meals, and include options such as tiramisu, gelato, and cheesecake.


Goodfellas, East Yan’an Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China, +86 21 6323 2188

M on the Bund

Opened in 1999, M on the Bund is always one of the best places from which to view the Shanghai skyline, as there is a lovely terrace on the seventh floor. M on the Bund offers a wide range of Western-style dishes, with a fantastic brunch menu offering a variety of bread, Spanish tortillas, English full breakfasts, and fish and chips. It is also an award wining restaurant which has served numerous celebrities, including Kate Moss and Daniel Radcliffe.


M on the Bund, 7/F, No. 5 The Bund, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China, +86 21 6350 9988

Fu 1015

Fu 1015 does not just offer Shanghainese cuisine – their chefs always strive to fuse traditional Benbang dishes with Western and Cantonese cuisine, creating extraordinarily fine and exquisite meals. It is worth noting that they even turn traditional Shanghainese snacks into creative dishes, for example, making soy milk into ice cream and serving it with crispy slices of youtiao (fried bread twist).


Fu 1015, 1015 Yu Yuan Road, Changning District, Shanghai, China, +86 21 5237 9778

Xiao Bai Hua Restaurant (Little White Birch)

Hidden in a tiny nongtang, Xiao Bai Hua Restaurant is a Shanghainese locale providing traditional home-style Benbang cuisine. The interior of the restaurant is very homely, with desks and chairs mainly made of wood. The restaurant is always full of tourists hailing from all parts of the world.


Xiao Bai Hua Restaurant, 299 Wan Ping Road, Lane 3, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China, +86 21 6472 1867

The House of Roosevelt

The House of Roosevelt are famous for their extensive array of beverages. Their cuisine is also wonderful, offering a wide range of gourmet seafood and meat which complement their wines and champagnes perfectly. Filled with dark wooden cabinets and the subtle fruity smell of wines, the spacious restaurant is elegant and cozy, and boasts a setting in which you can fully relax and have an enjoyable dining experience.


The House of Roosevelt, 27 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China, +86 21 2322 0800

Sale e Pepe Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar

Sale e Pepe offers plentiful traditional Italian appetizers, pastas and risottos, as well as mouth-watering Italian desserts, such as caramel custard, chocolate cake, and cooked cream with Fabbri black cherry. Sale e Pepe also serves a good selection of alcoholic drinks, including prosecco, white wine, rose wine and red wine, which perfectly complement their brilliant Italian dishes.


Sale e Pepe Italian Restaurant & Winebar, 31 Changyi Road, Lujiazui, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China, +86 21 5013 0580