<a href""> Ancient Culture Street  | © Steve Langguth/Flickr</a>
<a href""> Ancient Culture Street | © Steve Langguth/Flickr</a>
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The 10 Best Markets in Tianjin

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Updated: 8 June 2017
Though Tianjin has rapidly developed into an economic powerhouse of skyscrapers, megamalls, and hotels, the city still retains few original open markets. These markets are one of the few places in Tianjin that will still make you feel like you’re not at home. As China has been the manufacturing center of the world for the last couple of decades you can buy a multitude of goods at wholesale prices and plenty more.

Cao Zhuangzi Flower Market

This classic European-style market is Tianjin’s largest wholesaler of flowers and other plants. Its convenient location and easy parking make it one of the most accessible markets in town. You can buy more than just flowers, with other items on offer including aquarium sets and home decor.

Tianjin Shenyangdao Antique Market

Loaded with hundreds of antiques from Tianjin’s yesteryears, this old-fashioned shop attracts swaths of shoppers. The majority of its space is occupied by Cultural Revolutionary memorabilia, and there’s also a wide selection of cheap jewelry. This market is located on Ancient Culture Street. Be prepared to haggle with its vendors.

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The Famous Taobao Street

The Famous Taobao Street is where you will put your bargaining (and Mandarin) skills to the test. This flea market sells all kinds of goods. Find cheap towels or fashionable boots here in one of Tianjin’s cheapest-priced markets.

Tianjin Textile Mall

One of the lesser known, underrated markets in Tianjin is the Textile Mall. Not only does it feature a curated museum that tells the history of Tianjin’s textile industry and the global industry as a whole, you can also shop for an amazing selection of textile goods.

Da Hu Tong

Basically a bargain supercenter, Da Hu Tong sells everything you could possibly want. You can find anything from paperclips to kayaks, along with art supplies, sporting goods, kitchen appliances, clothing, and everything else made in China. If you’re looking for wholesale buys downtown, this is Tianjin’s top market.

Hutong, Hongqiao, Tianjin, China

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Wang Ding Di Aquatic Products Wholesale Market

When you first here the name Aquatic Products Market, you’re probably envisioning scuba gear and spearfishing harpoons. This is not the case at Wang Ding Di. Here they serve daily catches of seafood, fresh from the bay. Try the sashimi or other fresh fish here in Tianjin’s wet market.

S6Jincang Expy, Xiqing Qu, Tianjin Shi, China, 300384

Wenzhou City Clothing Wholesale Center

This wholesale clothing market is not far from Da Hu Tong but you might need to ask a local for help to find it. Here you can shop for any season, as this market is Tianjin’s main wholesaler of all types of jackets, scarves, shoes, jeans and more.

Tianjin Foreign Commodities Market

There’s no denying that Tianjin’s Foreign Commodities Market is largely a center for knock-offs of Western brands, and that’s alright. But beware as a foreigner, you may stick out and be expected to be able to afford higher prices. Brush up on your Chinese and know the fair prices of goods before you come to this smoky flea market. Leaving with a good bargain will make this shopping experience worth the haggling, though.

Ancient Culture Street

Last but not least is Tianjin’s premier market, Ancient Culture Street. Packed with hundreds of shops and vendors, this street may have pricier goods compared to other local markets in Tianjin, but the abundance of silk, porcelain, Niren Zhang figurines, and many more traditional souvenirs that will be a highlight of your shopping experiences in Tianjin.

Ancient Cultural St, Nankai Qu, Tianjin Shi, China