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The 10 Best Hotels In Chengdu, China

The 10 Best Hotels In Chengdu, China

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Updated: 9 February 2017
As one of China’s most important cultural and economic centers, Chengdu receives millions of visitors a year. The city’s many hotels have become known for their luxury and modern amenities. Here, Culture Trip picks the 10 best hotels to check into.

Rhombus Fantasia Chengdu Hotel

The five-star Rhombus Fantasia Chengdu Hotel, located in Chengdu’s financial district, is a boutique hotel that only offers suites. The suites range from the 50sqm G50 Deluxe suite to the presidential suite, which comes with its own cloak room, 330 square meters of living and bedroom space, and designer toiletries. All guests have access to the luxurious lounge, restaurant, and gym. Expect to be pampered by the attentive staff.

Price: Luxury

Rhombus Fantasia Chengdu Hotel, 216 Xia Dong Street, Chengdu, China. +86 28 6292 8888


Hotel Zen Urban Resort

The Hotel Zen Urban Resort is conveniently located in the vicinity of Xinanmen Bus Station. Rooms at this four-star hotel are tastefully decorated, combining traditional Chinese elements with contemporary design. Despite the central location, rooms are very quiet. Guests can opt for anything from a standard double room to the much larger Feature Queen Room, which boasts 46 square meters of clean, well furnished space. Hotel amenities include a gift shop and tourism information desk.

Price: Mid-range – Luxury

Hotel Zen Urban Resort, 14 Longjiang Road, Chengdu, China. +86 28 8505 1088

Old Chengdu Club

Situated next to the historic Wenshu Monastery, the Old Chengdu Club is housed in a grand, old-fashioned complex of courtyards and gable-roofed buildings. Rooms are decorated with antique furniture, and the courtyard suites offer some of the best hotel room views in town. There is also an onsite spa, as well as a bar, where guests can unwind after a busy day of sightseeing.

Price: Mid-range – Luxury

Old Chengdu Club, 28 Wuyuegong Street, Chengdu, China, +86 28 8695 6688


BuddhaZen Hotel

The BuddhaZen Hotel, also located near Wenshu Monastery, is a small boutique hotel with 35 rooms and suites. The dining room, which serves traditional Sichuan cuisine, is probably one of the top hotel restaurants in the area, and there is also an elegant tea room where guests can enjoy performances of Guzheng music. The art on display here is centered around Zen Buddhist philosophy, putting the guest into a state of serious relaxation. It also helps that the amenities include an excellent spa.

Price: Mid-range

BuddhaZen Hotel Chengdu, Jinma Street, Chengdu, China, +86 28 8692 9898


Chengdu Tibet Hotel

The design and decor of the Chengdu Tibet Hotel is heavily influenced, as the hotel’s name suggests, by Tibetan culture and art. Rooms include standard twin and double rooms, a penthouse suite, and even a “lady’s room”, which is decorated according to what the management believes a female traveler needs. The custom-made Tibetan furniture, and folk art-filled common spaces definitely make for an unusual hotel experience.

Price: Mid-range

Chengdu Tibet Hotel, Jinniu, Chengdu, China, +86 28 8318 3388

Diaoyutai Boutique Hotel Chengdu

Diaoyutai Boutique Hotel Chengdu was designed by international award-winning architect Bruno Moinard, and stands out among the many luxury hotels of Chengdu thanks to its stunning collection of art. Featured artists include Laide Zeng, master calligrapher and respected member of the Chinese Painting Academy, and Daofu Gan, who works with the ancient medium of blue-and-white porcelain. Rooms range from the Superior Twin, which has a pleasant courtyard view, to the Executive Suite, which has its own private bamboo garden.

Price: Luxury

Diaoyutai Boutique Hotel Chengdu, 38-39 Kuan Alley, Qingyang District, Chengdu, China, +86 28 6633 0509


Chengdu Great Rain Hotel

The Chengdu Great Rain Hotel is a friendly, affordable accommodation option, in the picturesque riverside neighborhood of Shahe Park. The lobby and cafe bar are decorated with trendy art prints and midcentury modern-inspired furniture, and the rooms are clean and bright, with cheerful color palettes. Amenities are more than satisfactory for a small, three-star hotel, including laundry services, a 24-hour concierge, and free wi-fi throughout the building.

Price: Budget

Chengdu Great Rain Hotel, 44 Shang Mao Avenue, Chengdu, China, +86 158 8407 1161

Temple House

Temple House is part of the Daci Temple Cultural and Commercial Complex, and combines restored heritage buildings with cutting-edge architecture and unique local building materials. The hotel entrance is a converted Qing dynasty courtyard building, the Bitieshi, and the newer buildings feature woven facades that reference Chengdu’s rich history as an ancient center of the textile trade. Guests get to choose from several types of luxury apartments and suites, such as the 72 square meter Studio 70, and the penthouse, which has its own roof terrace and outdoor jacuzzi. Hotel facilities also include a fusion cafe, Italian restaurant, cocktail bar, tea house and day spa.

Price: Luxury

Temple House, 81 Bi Tie Shi Street, Chengdu, China, +86 28 6636 9999


Jinjiang Hotel

Built in the 1970s, Jinjiang was one of the first luxury hotels in Chengdu, and can seem a little dated at first glance. However, a stay at this Pengzhen area hotel comes with incredibly attentive and warm service, which more than makes up for the old-fashioned decor. The hotel has a dedicated team of well-trained butlers, in addition to a Michelin-starred chef, Christophe Dufosse. A VIP club, bakery, and massive indoor pool are all part of the experience.

Price: Luxury

Jinjiang Hotel, 80 Renmin South Road 2nd Section, Chengdu, China, +86 28 8550 6666


Kempinski Hotel Chengdu

The Chengdu member of the international Kempinski group of hotels is, like many other Chengdu hotels, a perfectly pleasant and adequate business hotel. Unlike the others, however, the Kempinski also houses an authentic Bavarian restaurant, deli and beer garden, where guests can dine on pork knuckles and Thüringer sausages. Another highlight of the hotel is its microbrewery, which produces its very own Chengdu Paulaner beer. Stay here for a somewhat offbeat, surreal taste of Germany in the heart of China.

Price: Mid-range

Kempinski Hotel Chengdu, 42 Remin South Road 4th Section, Chengdu, China, +86 28 8526 9999