The 10 Best Cultural Hotels in Guangzhou, China

Photo of Wing Tung Isabella Yu
9 February 2017

As a budding metropolis, Guangzhou, like the bustling cities of Beijing and Shanghai, is noted for its wide selection of accommodation, ranging from apartments in handy locations and deluxe boutique hotels with Continental décor, to grand hotels of historical significance. Read Culture Trip’s guide to the ten best hotels in Guangzhou.

Aiqun Hotel

Aiqun Hotel
Aiqun Hotel | ©wyliepoon/Flickr
As a three-star hotel located in Yuexiu district that opened in 1937, Aiqun Hotel has been dubbed the ‘hotel champion of North China’. The 15-storey hotel was once appraised to have initiated a new epoch in high-rise architecture in China, as Aiqun was the first building in China to imitate the design of 1930-style modern skyscrapers in New York and construct a building with concrete on a steel framework. The designer of Aiqun took reference from the Woolworth Building, the first skyscraper in New York. Aiqun boasts its neo-Gothic design that is blended with the horticulture characteristics of gardens in the south of the Five Ridges.

Guangdong Victory Hotel

Hidden in the world-renowned historical heritage protection zone, Shameen Island, the neo-classical Guangdong Victory Hotel was the historical antecedents of the Victoria Hotel built by the British in the early 20th century. Preserving the classic architectural styles of Western Europe, the interior radiates artistic sense while the exterior is wound by ancient trees all year round. Its ethereal ambience has built a reputation for being the land of idyllic beauty. The 296 rooms at Victory are furnished in different styles, ranging from Chinese, Japanese to French that are elegant yet contemporary.

Sanying Spa Resort Hotel

Resort, Hotel
Guangzhou | © Robert S Donovan/Flickr
Located in a scenic spot in Guangzhong, Zengcheng District, Sanying Spa Resort Hotel features a rejuvenating hot spring and a healthy spa. This hotel has accommodation, a resort, dining, entertainment and a spa all in one place. Nestled among the mountains and surrounded by waterfalls, Sanying seamlessly integrates with nature, allowing guests to embrace the fresh air and uncontaminated environment. Covering an area of 220,000 square meters, the magnificent architecture possesses over 70 distinctive indoor hotspring areas, as well as outdoor spa pools.

The Garden Hotel

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall
Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall | © kattebelletje/Flickr
Situated in the buzzing business district in Guangzhou, The Garden Hotel is a deluxe five star hotel that showcases the perfect integration of Guangdong culture and contemporary art. It is the first and only hotel in Guangzhou that was awarded platinum five stars, and was chosen as the headquarters of the 16th Asian Games. Premier rooms are luxuriously furnished with state-of-the-art media facilities and stylish furniture. Advocating natural, comfy yet modern accommodation, Garden Hotel endeavours to provide guests with sumptuous indulgence. One shall not miss the landmark of Garden Hotel, the splendid and delicately crafted gold statue of Marshal Liu in the lobby bar lotus pond.

White Swan Hotel Guangzhou

Guangzhou | © Stephan Zopf/Flickr
Opened in 1983, White Swan Hotel is the first five-star resort China founded by a Sino-foreign joint venture. Its stronghold, Shameen White Swan Lake, is the most gorgeous spot in Guangzhou city, with splendid lake views. When the White Swan Hotel was under construction in the 1900s, the equipment, furniture, and facilities are all transported from oversea cities, and every single log was imported from the Philippines. Apart from its historical significance, White Swan is most prestigious for its excellent reception for 150 heads of state and royalty from over 40 countries, and it acts as pioneer of bringing China into the world arena.

Chimelong Hotel Guangzhou

Dining environment in Chimelong Hotel
Dining environment in Chimelong Hotel | © Denise Chan/Flickr
As the biggest ecological resort in China, Chimelong Hotel Guangzhou is an amusement-park-like five star hotel that holds 1,500 eco-themed rooms, five neighbouring theme parks and nine premium dining spots. The highlight of this deluxe resort is its live animal island, located in the center of the hotel, and which includes rare animals like flamingos and snow tigers. Guests can dine with endangered species in close proximity, while getting enchanted by the gorgeous nightscape of Chimelong on cranes.

Guangzhou Atlantis Family Hotel

Sacred Heart Cathedral
Sacred Heart Cathedral | © Mark Meng/Flickr
Designed for families and kids, Guangzhou Atlantis Family Hotel is a cartoon-themed resort. From Disney princesses, to Winnie the Pooh, and from Spiderman, to Pixar’s Cars, Atlantis offers all sorts of cartoon-themed rooms that fit your children’s preference. The 7,000-square-foot ultra-large playground features family rides and storytelling zones, while its 1,300-square-foot indoor playground with slides and ball pits are of the largest scale in the Pearl River Delta. Adjacent to the Chimelong Safari Park, it is just a ten minute walk from playing indoors to meeting wildlife.

W Guangzhou

W Guangzhou is a hub that simultaneously possesses world-class luxury brand stores and high-end dining restaurants. The chic architectural outlook of W matches perfectly with the stylish yet energetic interior. At the entrance, the 19-meter tall LED waterfall unfolds the glamour and extravagance of W. Give your body a period of rest and rejuvenation at the AWAY@ Spa Center that brags about its modern multi-sensory stress relieving spa therapy. Coupled with refreshing champignon, the aromatic scent that contains fruity flavours will help sweep your worries from your mind.

Guangzhou Springdale Serviced Residence

Guangzhou Opera House
Guangzhou Opera House | © Eugene Lim/Flickr
If you’re looking for a home away from home, Guangzhou Springdale Serviced Residence might be an option to ease your nostalgia. Located in the central business district, the handy location of Springdale offers convenient access to railway stops. Each modernist decorated apartment at Springdale has a cozy living room, home-like dining area, well-equipped kitchen, and spacious bedrooms. If you plan on doing cooking with friends, lovers, or families, the kitchen with user-friendly functions and electrical appliances at Springdale would be a great spot to enjoy the gratification of a union.

Guangzhou Baiyun Hotel

As a five-star business hotel, Guangzhou Baiyun Hotel is framed by the lush of jungle green and its 2,000-square-feet antecourt garden, filled with luxuriant trees that resemble a green island in the city. Built in 1976, Baiyu became the first skyscraper in China during that era, with 33 storeys. Noted for its continuing architectural innovation, Baiyun maintains environmental friendliness, and it did not even cut down a single tree during construction. The Baiyun Xuan Chinese Restaurant, featuring classic Lingnan-flavoured Cantonese delicacies, is worth trying. Boasting its 24-hour Chinese tea ceremonies, you can taste the renowned yet costly fragrance tea at any time you wish.

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