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The 10 Best Coffeehouses In Shanghai
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The 10 Best Coffeehouses In Shanghai

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Cafes and coffeehouses offer a laid-back environment for city folks to savor a cup of hot coffee and a piece of cheesecake. Here’s our guide to best cafes and coffeehouses in Shanghai.
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Seesaw Coffee

The furniture and settings of Seesaw Coffee are designed by the French designer Thomas Austerveil, and he has created a loft-style environment that incorporates the ornamental elements of Chinese copper coins. Apart from offering homemade roasted coffee, there are workshops for coffee lovers to acquire techniques, from grind size, to tamping and pre-infusion, in order to make the ideal shot. Founded by three entrepreneurs, Seesaw aims to provide tailor-made options where customers can choose their own preparation method, including pour over, French press, siphon pot and Chemex. Sitting either outside in the stylishly furnished courtyard or on the spacious wooden tables indoors, having a cappuccino or latte with impressive latte art is a perfect respite from your daily stressors.

433 Yuyuan Rd, Jing’an, Shanghai, China

Seesaw Café © Jay/Flickr
Seesaw Café | © Jay/Flickr

Daili Coffee Shop

Located inside the artistic enclave in Tian Zi Fang, Daili Coffee Shop blends nostalgic charm with classy modernity. With a European relief sculpture carved onto this three-story coffeehouse, Daili is designed with a grandiosity that sets it apart from the small neighboring cafes. Inside the cozy lounge you’ll find the pyramid-shaped roof and ceilings surrounded by old antiques, including a piano, accordion, CD player and sewing machine. At night, a tarot reader is present, adding a mysterious element to Daili.

248 Taikang Rd, Huangpu, Shanghai, China, +86 02164183317

Farine Bakery

Bakery, French, none
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Farine on Wukang Road
Farine on Wukang Road | Courtesy of Farine

Farine Bakery

Farine specializes in handmade cakes, savory bread and roast coffee. Furnished in a classy and modern design that radiates a French feel, for RMB$100 you can enjoy their hand-crafted banana chocolate tart and a cup of gourmet roasted cappuccino. They also serve an extensive list of bread, including the classic butter croissant and sumptuous raisin roll. Offering a tranquil respite from the city’s hustle and bustle, Farine Bakery was chosen as one of the best restaurants in Shanghai in 2014.

378 Wukang Rd, Xuhui, Shanghai, China

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Mon - Sun:
7:00 am - 10:00 pm
Farine on Wukang Road | Courtesy of Farine
Farine on Wukang Road | Courtesy of Farine


Cafe, Chinese, none
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The balcony of Aroom
The balcony of Aroom | © xiu xiu/Flickr


Aroom is a vintage-style decorated coffee shop, located inside an old-fashioned bungalow, that attracts a myriad of coffee lovers to visit. Without catchy signboards or flamboyant furnishings, the façade and the green iron gate of Aroom look rather time worn, while the tranquil open-air garden is a favorite spot coveted by all customers. With glorious sunlight filtering through the big yet antiquated window, it is best to spend a relaxing day reading books at Aroom. Not only does the cafe feature house blend coffee, they also provide a wide selection of tea, ranging from oolong to beipu oriental beauty tea that is imported from Taiwan.

120 Taian Rd, Changning, Shanghai, China, +86 021 5213 0360

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The balcony of Aroom © xiu xiu/Flickr
The balcony of Aroom | © xiu xiu/Flickr

Home Garden

A leisurely and romantic small house hidden in the crowded downtown area, Home Garden is an amalgamation of old Shanghai style and Western culture. The interior design of Home Garden is remarkable, with its wooden flooring, dim ceiling lamp, yellowish books and metal bell. The signature artisan Home Garden coffee is unique due to the fact that it is infused with Baileys and Gabriel liqueur wine that tastes sweet and savory. Other all-time favorites at Home Garden includes caramel macchiato and roselle raspberry cheesecake.

Room 106, 492 Anhua Lu, Shanghai, China, +86 02162510378

Rumors Coffee

First established in 2011, and situated in a serene yet tranquil residential area, Rumors Coffee is a cozy coffeehouse on Hunan Road. You’ll get hooked on the sheer variety of coffee beans on the wooden shelves, which are all roasted by the owner. The Japanese owners of Rumors like to get their hands dirty when selecting and purchasing coffee beans, roasting and brewing coffee. Coffee beans of special flavors are served, including Hawaii Maui Mocha blend, Rose blend and Rosso blend.

9 Hunan Rd, Xuhui, Shanghai, China, +86 02134605708

Hunan Road © 2 dogs/Flickr
Hunan Road | © 2 dogs/Flickr
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1984 Bookstore

As it name suggests, 1984 Bookstore houses a host of rare books as well as coffee and dessert supplies. Crammed with out-of-print books, modern literature, and art encyclopedias, 1984 Bookstore invites customers to browse the shelves, and has a wide selection of coffee and snacks on the menu. The courtyard outside is furnished with wooden tables and cane chairs. The beverages and food here might not be the best among coffee houses but it is definitely a perfect place to absorb yourself in a good read.

11 Hunan Rd, Xuhui, Shanghai, China, +86 02134280911

Inside 1984 Bookstore © yanhui.guo/Flickr
Inside 1984 Bookstore | © yanhui.guo/Flickr

The Cottage Café

Imbued with the hue of 1970s Shanghai, every little corner at The Cottage Café is piled with all kinds of antiques -even the ashtray is painted with slogans and pictures of the Communist Party founder Chairman Mao. As the residence of the German Consulate General after the French Concession era, the Cottage Café itself is a testimony to the history of the 1930s. You couldn’t ask for a more archaic spot to spend an afternoon, surrounded by frayed wooden cupboards and shabby black and white posters, with a small balcony upstairs to enjoy the sights of the vibrant city.

25a Taojiang Road,Shanghai,China, +86 02164660753

Outside the Cottage Cafe © Ming-Yueh Wang/Flickr
Outside the Cottage Cafe | © Ming-Yueh Wang/Flickr
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Marienbad Café

With vintage sofas, ancient furniture, and ceilings covered with English newspaper, Marienbad Café offers a small and homely environment for guests. Coffees at Marienbad Café are brewed using secret recipes, and, if you’re tired of lattes, the sea salt flavor brew is an alternative. The coffee beans used are selected from different plantations from all over the world according to demand.

55 Wukang Rd, Xuhui, Shanghai, China, +86 02154042909

The interior of Marienbad Café © 2 dogs/Flickr
The interior of Marienbad Café | © 2 dogs/Flickr

Amokka Café

With a relaxing ambiance, Amokka is an American-style cafe that serves burgers, sandwiches and salads. Spread over two floors, the first floor at Amokka is decorated in a classy and simple style, with dim light illuminating a romantic atmosphere, while the second floor offers a comfortable dining environment, with an ornamental brick fireplace and centerpiece. All the coffees at Amokka feature freshly ground coffee beans, and the latte and macchiato are popular among visitors.

201 Anfu Rd, Xuhui, Shanghai, China, +86 02154040998