The 10 Best Breakfast And Brunch Spots In Lujiazui, Shanghai

Secret Recipe | © durrah03/Flickr
Secret Recipe | © durrah03/Flickr
Named after Lu Shen, a famous academic from the Ming dynasty, Lujiazui was little more than farmland and warehouses in the early 1990s. Now, Lujiazui, which means ‘the mouth of Lu’s family,’ has become one of Shanghai’s most modern neighborhoods and the city’s symbol of China’s quick economic development. If you’re fortunate enough to be spending time in Shanghai’s most futuristic enclave, make sure you start your day at one of these restaurants for a delicious western or traditional Chinese breakfast or brunch.

Nanxiang 1900

Named for the year of its founding, Nanxiang 1900 has over 100 years of business under its belt and is still going strong. The Nanxiang steamed buns (小笼包 xiăolóngbāo) are a must eat for tourists, though you don’t have to be a visitor to enjoy these delicious soup filled dumplings. This style of steamed dumplings is traditional Shanghainese food for breakfast, and an integral part of culinary culture in China. Make sure to pay attention to the hot liquid inside the dumplings, using your chopsticks to poke a small hole on the top to allow it to cool. If you’re still confused about how to eat like a local, the staff are very happy to explain how to take your first bite.
Nianxiang 1900, Super Brand Mall, Floor 8, 168 Lujiazui W Rd, Shanghai, China, +86 215 032 7170

Crystal Jade Noodles & Dumplings

This well known brand from Singapore has traveled far to make it to Shanghai, with a slightly altered menu that includes hot pot, noodles, and dumplings. While there are many places to indulge in dumplings in Shanghai, Crystal Jade’s are delightfully unique. They use both eastern and western ingredients, coming up with innovative fillings like goose liver and cheese. Besides the exquisitely prepared dishes, the tableware is also a feast for the eyes, with crystalline decorations that heighten the enjoyment of your meal.
Super Brand Mall, 168 Lujiazui W Rd, Shanghai, China, +86 216 887 7888

Blue Frog

For a more North American flavor on your plate, you can’t do much better than Blue Frog. Reasonable prices, good food, and generously sized hamburgers, have brought them a devoted fan base in the city. Their brunch menu has some solid western offerings, like the meat-heavy Big Blue breakfast and the sinfully saucy Cointreau syrup pancakes. Located in a square under the Shanghai World Financial Center, one of Shanghai’s most recognizable skyscrapers, Blue Frog has some decent outdoor seating that makes it a good bet for a weekend breakfast.

Open daily: 8:00-02:00
Shanghai Global Finance Center, 100 Century Ave, Shanghai, China, +86 213 867 2008