The 10 Best Bars In Hangzhou, China

The 10 Best Bars In Hangzhou, China
Hangzhou is a historic city with numerous scenic spots. In such a nostalgic paradise, you can find many peaceful places to unwind. However there are also lots of bars, geared towards the more adventurous, where you can let off some steam after a day of sightseeing. Here are 10 of the best.

Old Captain Lounge Bar

Bar, Pub Grub, Chinese
Shuguang Road
Shuguang Road | © Shan Ran/Flickr
Housed in an historic two-storey building, the Old Captain Lounge Bar is a vintage-style bar offering plenty of cocktails and whiskey. On the first floor, there are big bar tables and a lovely stage where live bands will perform, but you can also sit on the sofas on the second story, which is equally as cozy. The interior of the bar is great, and there is a lovely terrace on the second floor where you can enjoy the beautiful night scenery of Hangzhou.
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Traveller Bar

Bar, Bistro, Pub Grub
Traveller Bar is a cozy haunt for music lovers, as the live performances there are astounding. Both established and emerging bands and singers will perform in this lovely bistro. Traveller Bar is very popular among the locals, and normally all the seats in this three-story bar are occupied after dinner time. While their drinks are great as well, the cocktails being colorful and tasty, there are also plentiful snacks, such as peanuts, dried shredded squid and roast yellow croakers to complement. At Traveller Bar, you can definitely enjoy a great night with fabulous music, drinks, and food.
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Jz Club

Housed in a two-story old building, Jz Club is one of the best jazz bars in Hangzhou. They invite great bands and singers from all over the world to perform on their stage. The drinks in Jz Club are fabulous – they provide cocktails and some great Italian and French wines are offered at good prices as well. The atmosphere of this club is fantastic, being a great place for both after-work drinks and gatherings with friends.
Jz Club, 6 Liuying Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, China, +86 571 8702 8298

SOS Club

If you are seeking fun and excitement in Hangzhou, you probably should not miss SOS Club, which is one of the most atmospheric bars in the city. Their DJs are talented, producing great electronic music which can really enhance the atmosphere. In SOS Club, they will occasionally invite famous artists, so stay tuned.
SOS Club, 3F, Jangling Hengli Mansion, 5 Huanglong Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, China, +86 571 2828 9898

Maya Bar

Bar, Bistro, Chinese, Mexican
Maya Bar is a great place for gatherings of friends. It is a Mexican-style bistro supplying plenty of snacks, such as chicken burritos and nachos, which are perfect complements to the beer and wine being served. They also offer Chinese-style food, special Chinese snake wine and Chinese baijiu – a Chinese alcoholic beverage made from grains.
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Mr. King Restaurant & Lounge

Bar, Restaurant, Chinese
Mr. King Restaurant & Lounge is a spacious bar serving plenty of cocktails, beers, wines and whiskey. If you are a whiskey lover, you will definitely love their list of single malt whisky which is imported from all over the world. For those who are not interested in whiskey, Mr. King’s cocktails are also great. The decor of the bar is equally trendy.
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Park 1999

Restaurant, French, Italian, American, German
The two-storey Park 1999 is separated into five areas, and each is given a specific theme to cater for different drinkers. The inner area is great, with lovely live music, while the outdoor part, in which drinkers can grab a drink and dance in their beautiful courtyard, is even better. The interior of the bar is generally decorated in a vintage style, with most of the furniture made from wood, creating a tranquil and elegant atmosphere. It is also a great place for watching football matches with friends as there are three giant televisions put in the centre of the bar.
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H. Linx Royal Members’ Club

Bar, Chinese
Founded by the famous Hong Kong artist Nicholas Tse, H. Linx Royal Members’ Club is a fantastic bar in Hangzhou featuring technology and science exhibitions, as well as art and lifestyle. The atmosphere of the bar is great, as their sound system is superlative, and the DJs are superb. Moreover, Nicholas and other artists sometimes go to the bar as well, so don’t miss out on meeting them here.
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Joy Bar

Bar, Bistro, Chinese
Hangzhou | Hangzhou
If you want to have a relaxing after-work drink in a home-style bistro, Joy Bar is definitely a good choice for you as they offer plentiful cocktails in a cozy environment, and the staff is very friendly and helpful. If you sit at their large bar table, feel free to have a chat with the bartenders, who are professional and sometimes willing to tailor-make special cocktails for guests.
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La Vita

Bar, Cafe, Chinese
In the daytime, La Vita is an artistic cafe, but at night, it becomes an atmospheric bar where you can enjoy their wide range of colorful cocktails. Drinking next to the beautiful Xihu (West Lake) is definitely relaxing, and if you want to enjoy the beautiful lake scenery while drinking, you can sit on the cozy second story. Besides drinks, their food is great and a perfect complement to their various cocktails. If you like trying new things, you probably should not miss out on their special squid ink pizza.
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