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Chinese square dancing | © humphery/Shutterstock
Chinese square dancing | © humphery/Shutterstock
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Square Dancing to be Competitive Event at China's 13th National Games

Picture of Michael LoRé
Sports Editor
Updated: 24 July 2017
Square dancing has been added as a competitive sport in the upcoming 13th National Games of China, set for Aug. 27 to Sept. 8 in Tianjin, the Games’ organizing committee announced.

Not to be confused with traditional square dancing, this square dancing is referred to as guangchang wu in China; it’s a popular group exercise usually done in open spaces such as parks, squares, or plazas.

Square dancing is popular with elder people in China.

Other sports added to this year’s National Games, which is open to amateur competitors for the first time, include badminton, Tai Chi, Go, and marathon.

According to reports, approximately 100 square dancing teams have uploaded their performance videos and registered for the competition. Fans can watch and vote for their favorite teams via online or an app, and those with the most love will earn a spot at the 13th National Games.

Watch an example of guangchang wu below: