China Builds Convenience Store On A Cliffside 100 Metres Above Ground

China Builds Convenience Store On A Cliffside 100 Metres Above Ground
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It’s been dubbed the ‘most inconvenient convenience store in the world’, but if you’re a rock climber it could certainly come in handy.

Some people will go to extra lengths to ensure they get their favourite drinks and snacks, and for climbers in southern China’s Shiniuzhai National Geological Park, that means journeying 100 metres up a cliff. If nothing else, it’s certainly more adventurous than your average grocery run.

Perched 330ft high on a cliffside, the convenience store offers climbers water, energy drinks, biscuits, energy bars, bread and Red Bulls for those that need a refresher midway.

The store was completed in March this year and has been open for business for around two weeks. For workers to replenish stock, they must wear appropriate safety gear and take a zipline to carry the supplies.

Customers can pay for the snacks either by cash or via the mobile payment platform WeChat Pay.

‘We offer price-friendly products for rock climbers to help them maintain physical endurance’, a spokesperson from Shiniuzhai National Geological Park told the Daily Mail Online.

A video has recently been released that shows climbers precariously dangling while searching for cash to pay for their goods, all the while hanging 100 metres up in the air.

The Shiniuzhai National Geological Park is one of the most popular tourist spots in the country, with climbing trails, waterfalls, cable car rides and historical sites. The stunning mountains in the park stand at a height of 1,715ft (523m).

The convenience store is not the only impressive construction that calls the park home. It is also known for its 900ft-long glass-bottomed suspension bridge, which is aptly named ‘Haohan Qiao’, meaning ‘Brave Men’s Bridge’ in English.

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge Chinese Glass Bridge

Tourists walk between two cliffs across the glass bridge at nearly 600ft above the ground. The glass used on the bridge is 24mm thick and 25 times stronger than normal glass. Despite its delicate look, the bridge has been designed to withstand earthquakes, strong winds, and the weight of 800 visitors at any given time.