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Insect Market | ©Max Talbot-Minkin/Flickr
Insect Market | ©Max Talbot-Minkin/Flickr
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A Thrifty Shopper's Guide to Shanghai Markets

Picture of Rachel Deason
Updated: 9 February 2017
Billed the “Paris of the East,” Shanghai is well known for its upscale shopping. That doesn’t mean the city is unwelcoming to thrifty shoppers though. In Shanghai, there is a market for everything, clothes, plants, hotel supplies, you name it you will find it. Want to go on a shopping spree in Shanghai without blowing your budget? Try one of these markets.
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Hotel Supplies Market

Don’t automatically skip this section just because you’re not a hotelier. In fact, anyone who owns a kitchen should give this wholesale market a look. Spread over three well organized, well labeled floors is a host of bamboo dumpling steamers, pots and pans, potato peelers, cupcake tins, and more. If it belongs anywhere near a kitchen, the hotel supplies market has it.

345 Aomen Rd, Putuo District, Shanghai, China, 200060

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South Bund Fabric Market

Want a name brand look without the price tag? Head to the South Bund Fabric Market with a picture of your design and be amazed at the three floors of tailors and seamstresses ready to make you look runway ready. Most stalls specialize in suits, coats, or traditional dresses, but there is always someone able to help you create a unique look. As a general rule, avoid the aggressive touts on the first floor. Their work is not as high quality as that of the second and third floor tailors. Depending on demand, a completed outfit should take less than a week to complete, from initial contact to final fitting.

399 Lujiabang Rd, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China, 200011

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Shanghai Office Supplies Market

Sure, you can go for the pens and the paper if you want, but the real reason to hit up the office supplies market is the wholesale art supplies. Find Mitsubishi pencils for RMB15 ($2.18) per box of 12, 30 x 40cm canvases for RMB13 ($1.89), and easels from RMB40 ($5.81). Everything here can be found other places, namely Fuzhou Rd, but the goods at the market are at least 30 percent cheaper across the board. Be prepared to spend more than just a few minutes here, as there is seemingly no strategy to the organization of stalls.

21 Guangfu Rd, Zhabei District, Shanghai, China, 200085

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Caojiadu Flower and Bird Market

The first floor of the Caojiadu Flower and Bird Market is what you would expect from the name of it. Here you’ll find a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants, like perfectly potted succulents and fragrant herbs, as well as birds, turtles, fish, and other small animals. The second floor specializes in wholesale interior design and expensive interior design ware. So, while captivating to behold, the second floor is not meant for budget shoppers. Nor is the third floor, which is full of Chinese wedding supplies.

33 Wanhangdu Hou Rd, Putuo District, Shanghai, China, 200040

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