Most Inspiring Asian Travel Instagrammers You Need To Follow

Narita, Japan, CarolannandMacrae@onemoderncouple/Instagram
Narita, Japan, CarolannandMacrae@onemoderncouple/Instagram
Travelers have a variety of avenues to choose from when it comes to sharing their activities from their most recent travel adventure. In the past few years, many have flocked to Instagram as their technology of choice for sharing. Here are several Instagrammers making their way through Asia, while offering up a little photogenic travel inspiration to their followers.
Narita, Japan, CarolannandMacrae@onemoderncouple/Instagram

Narita, Japan | Carolann and Macrae @onemoderncouple

One Modern Couple

Carolann and Macrae of @onemoderncouple made the firm decision that they needed to put their dreams of living a travel lifestyle into motion, and set off for their global adventure. This inquisitive couple have added Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand stamps to their passports. Their Instagram posts include the vibrant street scenes in Taipei to the serene waters of Sri Lanka. In addition, their travel blog offers some entertaining reads and helpful tips to those feeling inspired to escape the corporate rat race and begin a different life chapter for themselves.

Even though Japan, Taiwan and Thailand rank as their favorite travel spots, Carolann and Macrae are always intrigued in finding their next place. However, according to this modern couple, they’ve come to realize ‘…that the place we’re standing in at that moment is the perfect spot we’ve been looking for the whole time. The world is an endless provider of perfect moments and perfect places, even with its imperfections, and that inspires us daily.’


The Passage

For great insight about South Korea, check out @the__passage. Instagramer Lara currently lives in South Korea and is exploring every inch of the country when time allows. Her posts include the quirky street art in the Itaewon and Mullae neighborhoods, and appetizing photos of Korean street food, such as songpyeon and gyeran bbang.

Besides Korea, Lara’s travels have also taken her to China, Japan, the Philippines and Thailand. Some of her best photos include Malapascua Village in the Philippines and Tokyo’s hyper Takeshita Street. Lara’s favorite countries thus far are China and Thailand. Food plays a major role in deciding which country she ventures off to. China’s dumplings and steamed buns have wooed her taste buds, along with the northern Anhui region’s dishes, like Bagongshan stinky tofu and Luzhou roast duck.

Happiness in Thailand is not hard to find, particularly when its citizens make a traveler feel so welcome. ‘The big, genuine smiles of the Thai people. It is impossible to not feel happy and welcome when there is so much smiling going on,’ Lara commented in our e-mail correspondence.


Sara Naumann

Sara Naumann’s Instagram @sara_naumann focuses on her life in Shanghai and trips to various provinces in China. Some of her posts include Xinjiang’s rugged Flaming Mountains, a Shanghai woman taking her pet turtle for a stroll, and elegant Chinese calligraphy. The photos of everyday life in Shanghai are particularly intriguing, with colorful blooms in a city park and a vibrant shoe display in the window of Suzhou Cobblers. In addition, Naumann also is’s China Travel Expert. Her articles include pertinent advice about free things to do in Shanghai, visiting the best section of the Great Wall and Hangzhou’s best hotels.

Matthew Chantler@futureflects


Futureflects’ Matthew Chantler has explored Laos, Malaysia, and Thailand, but currently Vietnam is the country receiving his attention. His posts include Muong hill tribe women in Sapa, getting inked in Thailand, and the lush green border that stands between China and Vietnam. His favorite places in Asia are the areas of northern Laos and northern Vietnam. In Laos, the charming towns of Muong Ngoi and Nong Khiew left a memorable impression on Chantler, while the mountainous hidden trails just north of Hanoi are areas he is eager to explore.

Chantler says that he is ‘…inspired most by the natural flow of the world in different countries, how people interact with each other and how these people interact with their environments.’ From the tranquil flow of the Hue riverside to the gridlock in Bangkok, Chantler definitely inspires viewers to leave the confines of their own safety zone, and perhaps interact a bit more with the world around us.

Hoi An, Vietnam, Sophie's Suitcase@sophiessuitcse/Instagram

Sophie’s Suitcase

After a Vietnam volunteer stint in 2010, Sophie Davis felt inspired to share her experiences with others. Her travel and lifestyle blog was born, combining both smart and simple travel for her readers.

Along with her blog presence, Sophie’s Instagram account offers a cornucopia of travel photos to followers. Her Asian excursions have taken her from Thailand to Indonesia,with Cambodia and Vietnam being her beloved locations. Sophie informed me that with a world as vast as ours, ‘There just isn’t enough time in one lifetime to experience it all.’ Even though there might not be enough time to accomplish that goal, what truly matters is that we appreciate the individual paths each of us traipses along in this universe.

Golden Salt

To truly get lost in historic ruins and temples, @golden_salt offers up shots of Cambodia, China, Myanmar, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan that can only be described as mesmerizing. His collection focuses on architecture, nature and people throughout Asia. Golden Salt brings to life the mundane activities performed by so many of us every day. From the Filipino fisherman carrying his net to the monks in Luang Prabang collecting alms during the early morning ceremony, the photographs capture the humanity in each person.

The other thing that stands out are the vivid colors bursting from each scene: the sun casting its pinkish-orange glow as it rises behind Angkor Wat in the early dawn hours, or the hazy golden waters in Mandalay exuding a sense of travel euphoria. Being able to capture the viewer’s interest through such techniques will only inspire followers to venture to these splendid Asian destinations.