12 Top Luxury Hotel Stays in Tianjin

<a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/eddy1/35122003496"> The St Regis Luxury Hotel © Eddy 1/Flickr</a>
<a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/eddy1/35122003496"> The St Regis Luxury Hotel © Eddy 1/Flickr</a>
Photo of Jon Santangelo
18 July 2017

Tianjin delivers some of the most exquisite places to stay in China, each with its own style. Ranging from the overall city experience of Beijing’s modern cultural feel to Shanghai’s big city lights, many of Tianjin’s luxury hotels inspire nostalgia, both inside and out. Here are the top twelve world-class, lavish stays that Tianjin has to offer.

The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin

Suite Hotel
4.7/5 (88 Reviews)
From $214 Per night per room

A first on many ranking lists, The Ritz-Carlton brand is synonymous with classic luxury, and Tianjin’s flagship hotel delivers the same top of the line experience. Known for its impeccable design and acclaimed guest services, this hotel is centered downtown within a classic exterior. Both its architecture and decor are preeminent due to the fusion of heritages between Tianjin as a Chinese port city and its history of prominent European colonialism.

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Hilton Tianjin Eco City, Tianjin

Eco Hotel
Map View

About an hour’s escape from downtown and set in the clean energy driven Tianjin Eco-City, this is as grand a hotel as you can find in the countryside. All areas inside this resort are built on an enormous scale, the authentic local foods and the decor. So if you’re looking to flee the bustling city but maintain first-class service, here you are. To sweeten the deal, the Fantawild Adventure and Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park are close by for daytime fun.

Tianjin Green Park Villa Hotel, 1st Street

Serviced Apartment, Hotel
5/5 (1 Reviews)
From $76 Per night per room

Ideal for long-term solo travelers, Green Park Villa offers all the amenities of a residence whilst preserving the service of a luxury hotel. Feel a part of the community that’s located in TEDA, where you can be within city limits, but feel as if you’re in a neighborhood. Note that the staff is not highly regarded for their English skills, but you shouldn’t have any hindrances while enjoying your stay.

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Shangri-La Hotel, Tianjin, Haihe East Road

Suite Hotel
4.8/5 (94 Reviews)
From $160 Per night per room

Possibly the most revisited luxury hotel in Tianjin is the Shangri’la. Allow their international buffet to take care of your hunger pangs at Cafe Yun. Tone up at the fitness center, which is comparable to a standard gym with state of the art equipment, along with its elegantly designed pool. Transportation here is most convenient, as the subway is located just outside the hotel.

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Fraser Place Tianjin

Business Hotel
4.6/5 (47 Reviews)
From $78 Per night per room

Coming with family for a few days? Fraser Place is the right luxury hotel if you need superb, spacious rooms for you and your loved ones. If you need a quick check-in or check-out, the staff is known to be exceptional at both. Located close to the historic Nankai district and adjacent to the Olympic Center Stadium, Fraser is also within 15 minutes walking distance or a short shuttle ride to the Tianjin Water Park.

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Tangla Hotel Tianjin

Business Hotel

Well-positioned in the middle of it all, Tangla is a Chinese-brand luxury hotel. If you’re looking to be immersed in China’s version of opulent lodging, and want to be centered downtown, this is the place for you. Tangla boasts panoramic views at its a rooftop bar and Japanese restaurant, and also offers refined dining at the Qing Palace Chinese restaurant. Tangla is self-titled as the city’s tallest “penthouse hotel.”

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Renaissance Tianjin Lakeview Hotel Parking Lot, Tianjin

Business Hotel
4.3/5 (87 Reviews)
From $95 Per night per room

A favorite among business travelers, this elegant hotel is within walking distance to multiple malls, theaters, and arenas. With special attention to floral artistry, fresh flowers are on display daily. Its lake serves as a placid background for the rooms that are facing the calm body of water. It is conveniently located a mere 15 minutes away from the Tianjin railway station with high-speed trains to Beijing.

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  • Tianjin Saixiang Hotel, Tianjin

    Suite Hotel
    4.3/5 (46 Reviews)

    One of the hidden gems of luxurious hotels in Tianjin, Saixiang is a nationally recognized 5-star business hotel tucked away in a quiet area. A bit less expensive than its city counterparts, but without sacrificing quality, Saixing is known for their exceptional service and a wide selection of items at its breakfast buffet. Its Japanese restaurant has one of the nicest lavish dinner deals in town, at only 200 RMB for two.

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    The Astor Hotel, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Tianjin

    4/5 (3 Reviews)

    The Astor Hotel is rated as one of the 7 hotels that changed China and is an iconic symbol that embodies the elegant age of Tianjin. Finely detailed with artifacts and classic, elegant decor, it is a living piece of Tianjin’s history — there’s a small museum showcasing the hotel’s own incredible feats. O’Hara’s bar alludes to the posh, nostalgic atmosphere, playing live songs from the colonial Tianjin time period. An unforgettable experience, Astor should surely be the first luxury stay for any high-end traveler whilst in Tianjin.

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    Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin

    Suite Hotel
    4.5/5 (39 Reviews)
    From $156 Per night per room

    The youngest lavish hotel on our list, Four Seasons Tianjin recently opened its doors at the start of Spring 2017. The overall feeling of this hotel is “smart.” The staff is more intuitive than simply cordial, while its accommodations are equipped with the latest technology. Rooms feature an automatic sensor that opens your curtains when you first walk in, and an Android pad by the bed to keep you updated on weather and travel. Conveniently located, Binjiang Avenue and XiKai (St. Joseph’s Church) are only a five minute walk away.

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    St. Regis Tianjin

    Inn, Hotel
    4.4/5 (109 Reviews)
    From $131 Per night per room

    The St. Regis is likely the most fascinatingly designed hotel in Tianjin, and among the most luxurious contemporary hotels in the country. The architecture is a modern marvel, with a perfect cube enclosing a hollow interior . The hotel is situated alongside the Haihe River and is a sight to behold at night.

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