12 Cheap Places to Stay in Tianjin

Cheap hotel in Tianjin I © Julien GONG Min/Flickr
Cheap hotel in Tianjin I © Julien GONG Min/Flickr
Photo of Jon Santangelo
28 May 2017

So you want to see Tianjin and care more about what’s outside than inside; or you’re just here to sightsee; or maybe you’re here on business. Whatever the case, if you’re after budget accommodation, you’re in luck – with over 1,300 listed lodging spaces, Tianjin is full of cheap hotels and lodges. Here’s our guide to the best cheap places to stay in town.

Jinjiang Inn Tianjin Hongqiao Guangrongdao

Budget Hotel, Inn
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Best for those visiting Nankai or Tianjin University, this Jinjiang Inn is about a 15-minute to 25-minute walk to each campus. The inside is quite nice too, with white marble and beige walls. It’s the right place for a few days’ visit to the main colleges of Tianjin.

Tianjin Cloudy Bay Youth Hostel

This hostel is not the cheapest on this list, but perhaps the most worth it. Cloudy Bay Youth Hostel is in the heart of it all, just a several minutes’ walk to almost every major site in Tianjin. This former colonial house turned hostel is the highest praised of its kind in Tianjin. Starting rates: $50+

Tianjin Chaoju Hotel Apartment

Staying in town awhile and want your own apartment-style room at an affordable rate? Chaoju Hotel Apartment’s lodgings come equipped with kitchens and its rooms are new. Just a ten-minute walk from the Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium. Starting rates: $24+

Hanting Hi Inn Tianjin Binjiang Road Walking Street

This national hotel chain is worth your stay. If you’re on your way out the next morning, the Tianjin Railway Station is just minutes away. The rooms are clean, well maintained and are best for those on the go.