10 Delicious Restaurants To Try In Hongqiao, Shanghai

Oysters at Brasserie 8+ | ©Vivian Zhou/Facebook
Oysters at Brasserie 8+ | ©Vivian Zhou/Facebook
Photo of Daniel Rechtschaffen
9 February 2017

Lying about 12 miles west of downtown Shanghai, Hongqiao feels much more laid back than the city center. Compared with the dazzling skyscrapers and high rises that dot the Lujiazui skyline, the wide streets and leafy trees of Hongqiao give the area a tranquility that is hard to find downtown. But it’s still Shanghai, which of course means that the food is fantastic. Here are 10 of our favorite restaurants in Hongqiao.


Hikari is a Japanese restaurant that offers a great selection of fresh sushi and sashimi in a quiet, cozy setting. The interior is minimalistic and chic, making it perfect for casual business dinners or get togethers with friends. The first floor has a sushi bar where you can see all of the fish being prepared, while the second floor offers a more comfortable dining space. Set lunches are available at a very reasonable price for the quality of food offered.

SOHO 3911, 3911 Hongmei Lu, near Yanan Lu (虹梅路 3911号,近延安路)

Play Area at Little Huia | Courtesy of Little Huia

Little Huia

This New Zealand restaurant can satisfy any cravings for oysters, lamb, or fish and chips. The set up at Little Huia is a little sprawling, with sofa seating available and a play area for kids. However, the large space makes it a perfect destination for family and friends who like to share their meals. The staff is always smiling and ready to help, and the overall laidback atmosphere of the establishment gives it a very homely touch.

SOHO 3911, 3911 Hongmei Lu, near Yanan Lu (虹梅路 3911号,近延安路)

Aniseed | © Neil Noland/Flickr


This two-story Vietnamese-French restaurant is always packed with food fusion lovers. Large, steaming bowls of Vietnamese pho are slurped down alongside toasted French baguette sandwiches. Appetizer platters are generous, which make them perfect for sharing between friends and family. Aniseed is also quirky not only in the fusion cuisine it offers but you’ll notice upon walking in that all the waitresses bustle around in traditional Vietnamese attire.

451 Guyang Lu, near Yaohong Lu (古羊路 451号,近姚虹路)

Xiaolongbao | Wikimedia Commons

Qian Qiu

Qian Qiu offers excellent food for a very modest price. One of its signatures is the Shanghainese dumpling (小笼包, xiǎolóngbāo), and Quan Qiu serves them better than the ones found at the renowned Taiwan chain, Din Tai Fung (famous for its dumplings). The restaurant is normally packed with locals and the servers are efficient; it’s all worth it for the inexpensive and delicious feast. This is also the original Qian Qiu location.

17 Shuicheng Nan Lu, near Huangjincheng Dao (水城南路 17号,近黄金城道)


Nestled in the Mandarin City compound, Gennaro serves authentic Italian food in a laid back setting. The owner, Gennaro, is unmistakably passionate about food, and always ready to give recommendations. The wait staff is equally knowledgeable, which is a good thing considering how extensive the menu is. A wide selection of exquisitely seasoned pastas and other main courses can be found here, as well as a long wine list. The dim lighting and soft music gives it a personable atmosphere, perfect for dates or business dinners.

Mandarin City Clubhouse, 1/F, 1129 Guyang Lu, near Shuicheng Lu (古羊路 1129号,近水城路, 名都城俱乐部,1楼)

Ben Jia | © Santo Chino/Flickr

Ben Jia Korean Restaurant

Ben Jia is one of Shanghai’s best known destinations for Korean barbecue, serving up platters of delectable marinated meats and vegetables. As is traditional with Korean barbecue, most of the food is cooked on a stove in the center of the table, allowing diners to watch their food being prepared, and dig in the second it’s ready. The bulgogi glass noodles and kalbi beef is highly recommended, but be sure to make reservations as Ben Jia tends to get packed very quickly.

1339 Wuzhong Lu, near Jinhui Nan Lu (吴中路 1339号,近金汇南路)

Oysters at Brasserie 8+ | © Vivian Zhou/Facebook

Brasserie 8+

Featuring an extensive menu of fresh oysters and tender, juicy steaks, Brasserie 8+ is a slightly upscale restaurant located on Jinhui Road. Their seafood platter is bountiful, with a selection of oysters, long crab legs, mussels, and more. The restaurant itself is decorated simply, which ensures a comfortable dining experience for all visitors. The dinnerware is creative, with steaks being served on large, wooden chopping boards, breadsticks in little vases, and French fries in miniature baskets.

469 Jinhui Lu, near Xianfeng Lu (金汇路 469号,近先锋路)

Half-Beef Half-Tendon Noodle Soup at Goody Goody | Courtesy of Celine Au-Yeung

Goody Goody Noodle House

This neighborhood noodle shop offers authentic Taiwanese cuisine, and is especially known for its beef and tendon noodle soup. Braised tofu and a variety of intestinal delicacies can be found on the menu, as can traditional ‘opium pickles (鸦片泡菜, yāpiàn pàocài).’ This small Taiwanese restaurant is always packed with visitors slurping down steaming bowls of noodles and washing them down with ice cold beers.

477 Guyang Lu, near Yaohong Lu (古羊路 477号,近姚虹路)

More Than One

Don’t let the setting fool you, because the chef of More Than One was previously a chef at a three star Michelin restaurant. Chef Jackson trained and worked at Jean Georges before opening up his very own restaurant, and this is evident in the quality of food and presentation. Every detail of each course is immaculately handled, creating flavors both complimentary and daring. The service and food more than make up for any décor the restaurant may be lacking.

519 Jinhui Lu, near Hongsong Lu (金汇路 519号,近红松路)

Tang’s Cuisine

Tang’s Cuisine offers authentic Cantonese food at a reasonable price, especially when taking into account the top-notch service and upscale atmosphere. Dim sum is abundant here, as are multiple-course meals for larger dinner parties. The restaurant is spacious and includes large private rooms for more intimate party gatherings. The crispy pork and lobster congee are excellent, but rest assured that everything found on the menu is of the best quality and authentically Cantonese.

Hongqiao Marriott 2/F, 2270 Hongqiao Lu, near Jianhe Lu (虹桥万豪酒店,虹桥路 2270号,二楼,近剑河路)

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