The Best Things To Do In Cambodia

©Menfred Werner/WikiCommons
©Menfred Werner/WikiCommons
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9 February 2017

From epic adventure to breathtaking natural beauty, The Culture Trip highlights the best things to do in Cambodia.

Experience the adventure activities

From scuba diving, canoeing and kayaking tp bouldering, zip-lining and skiing, Cambodia offers ample adventure sports. The sheer beauty of the locations make these activities more thrilling and exciting than in other countries. For first time visitors, we recommend zip lining through the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat.

Scuba diver1 | © Matanya/WikiCommons

Visit the local markets

Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, provides a delightful ambience to visitors with an upbeat market scene, lip-smacking street food, groovy music and glittering nightlife. Enjoy sizzling hot dishes, surrounded by colorful scenery and a jubilant local crowd: there’s no better way to immerse yourself in the local culture.

Market in Cambodia | © Justin Watt/WikiCommons

Provide Support Through Volunteer Work

It has taken Cambodia a lot to overcome the dark shadows of its past and move forward as a country. However, there are certain sections of its society that still need support, and it can only make your trip more fulfilling if you choose to volunteer with one of the local programs on offer. From teaching to community development, these volunteering programmes offer a chance to immerse yourself in local culture and make a real difference.

Silvia Casado | ©Volunteering Travel Solutions

Explore the famous architecture and cultural landmarks

The UNESCO has placed both the architecture of Angkor Wat (the fantastic royal palace in Phonm Penh), and the entire province of Sihanoukvillein its World Heritage Sites list. Cambodia is filled with stunning and world famous architecture. Most of the architectural masterpieces, one would find, have stood firm and tall for centuries. Angkor Wat, especially, is a highlight of Cambodian architecture, the carving of which is represented in their national flag.

Angkor Wat (Cambodia) | © Manfred Werner/WikiCommons

Visit the national parks

Cambodian territory is rich with dense forests. Many wildlife sanctuaries, spread over huge areas of land, are preserved and maintained by the authorities, and are open for safaris and adventure sports. Highlights include Ream National Park, Phnom Aural National Park, Virachey National Park, Phnom Kulen National Park, and are well worth the trip.

Mangrove Forests in Koh Kong Province/ | ©WikiCommons

Be a Part of the Cultural Festivals

The culture and traditions of Cambodia are majorly influenced by Buddhism and Hinduism. Although the country hosts fun-filled festivals all year round, there are particular landmarks which are celebrated with large-scale festivals. The Khmer New Year, celebrated in mid-April, marks the beginning of the Khmer community’s New Year. The Royal Ploughing Ceremony (the celebration of farming), All Souls Day (paying respect to the departed souls) and the famous Water Festival (a festival to thank the holy Mekong river for abundant fishing) are some of the main festivals of Cambodia.

Drummers perform during a Khmer New Year celebration in Lithonia, GA | © Sam Sith/WikiCommons

Try Your Hands on a Game of Golf

It wasn’t until the early 1990s that golf was even known as sport in Cambodia. However, over the years the country has become one of the key destinations for golf. A major boost and huge influence comes from the fact that the prime minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen, is an acclaimed international golfer and record-holder. The Royal Cambodia Phnom Penh Golf Club offers one of the largest and finest golf fields not only in Cambodia, but in the whole of South East Asia.

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