The Best Hotels in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, for Every Traveller

Find a hotel haven from Phnom Penh's exhilarating buzz
Find a hotel haven from Phnom Penh's exhilarating buzz | © Cathyrose Melloan / Alamy Stock Photo
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7 January 2021

Although the ‘urban grit’ of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, is relatively low-key, like most Asian capitals it’s hardly a tranquil city and the exhilarating buzz of day can be the bane of nights. The best places to stay offer easy access to the pleasures of the city and shelter when it’s needed. From modern skyscrapers to heritage villas, the hotel havens here have also never been more varied, colourful or offered more choice.

Rosewood Phnom Penh

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Courtesy of Rosewood Phnom Penh / Expedia

Floating above the Cambodian capital in the top 14 floors of a 39-storey skyscraper, the Rosewood is as much a landmark as a five-star hotel. Styled as a rising dragon, the striking steel and glass edifice is a curious mélange of ultra-modern design with satisfying nods to Khmer artistry and aesthetics. The cantilevered rooftop ‘sky bar’, high-end French and Cambodian cuisine plus the patronage of local grandees and glitterati give it a certain cool and pizzazz.

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Plantation Urban Resort and Spa

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Courtesy of Plantation Urban Resort & Spa / Expedia | Courtesy of Plantation Urban Resort & Spa / Expedia

The unassuming white-washed exterior barely hints at the charming unobtrusive city-centre oasis within. Beyond the row of stone lion statues and a decorative pond, a principal pale yellow mansion-like building stands flanked by several wings and courtyards. Gleaming through the shrubbery and potted plants is a particularly appealing swimming pool framed by loungers. Rooms are simple and practical. There’s a spa and a fine restaurant marrying French and Khmer cuisine.

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Baitong Hotel & Resort

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Courtesy of Baitong Hotel & Resort / Expedia | Courtesy of Baitong Hotel & Resort / Expedia

The severe lines of this modern downtown hotel are offset by quirky, almost jungly, gardens that sprout and hang from every nook, patio and terrace. Various pools, an elevated jacuzzi, spiral stairways, lattice screens and a ‘Cambodian cocoon’ spa lend an appealing blend of whimsy and sophistication. Matching a contemporary décor and design, the rooftop bar, which hosts occasional live music, gives the Baitong a youthful buzz.

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  • NagaWorld Hotel & Entertainment Complex

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    Courtesy of NagaWorld Hotel & Entertainment Complex / Expedia | Courtesy of NagaWorld Hotel & Entertainment Complex / Expedia

    A behemoth among the hotels of the city with more than 1,600 rooms, this mall-like property features restaurants and eateries, from Japanese to Korean and Italian to French, a 2,000-seat theatre, shopping centre and a huge casino. Contemporary rooms and suites feature bold pops of colour with Chinese accents. It’s all rather flashy without being kitsch and is all the more interesting for resembling a showpiece of new – and bold – Asian money and ambition.

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    Courtesy of PAVILION /

    In the heart of historic Phnom Penh, the four garden villas of the PAVILION date from the 1920s through to the 1990s. Their royal and diplomatic connections bolster a distinctly heritage feel reinforced by quality curios, objets d’art and antiques. Each of the 36 rooms is different but four-poster beds and faintly art deco furniture maintain the charming retro ambience. A child-free policy ensures a squawk-free atmosphere around the two small pools.

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    La Rose Suites, Phnom Penh

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    Courtesy of La Rose Suites / Expedia
    Behind the slightly stern modernist and art deco-tinged facades lies a stylish downtown haven of notably large white-walled rooms with four-poster beds and mosquito nets. Dark elegant wooden furniture lends an almost colonial ambience enhanced with beautiful stripped or decorative-tiled floors. While complimentary massages and two small pools allow for downtime, guests can also enrol on a Khmer market-to-kitchen cooking class for a more authentic and immersive city experience.
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