The Best Happy Pizza Restaurants in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Cambodians are renowned for their warm nature and bounty of smiles. While it’s not because they spend their time stoned, some travellers like to get on the happy wavelength and incorporate some giggles into their holidays by indulging in one of the many marijuana pizzas on offer across the capital.

Signs for happy pizza dot the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh’s riverside and other tourist hotspots, and can leave some unwitting travellers confused. So, let’s set the record straight. Happy pizza is exactly what you think it is – a pizza topped with lashings of cannabis.

For those not into pizza, most restaurants are happy to lace other dishes with the plant, such as soup and pancakes. Prices for pizzas vary but usually sit between the $7 and $10 mark for a large offering.

Be warned that strengths vary from joint to joint – pardon the pun – so start off slow and give the weed time to work its magic before stuffing your face.

Despite these special pizza places studding the capital, don’t be tricked into thinking the drug is legal in Cambodia because it isn’t. Buying bags of grass from the tuk tuk drivers at riverside, who will hound you for a sale, has the potential to land you in a sobering spot of bother, with police demanding hefty fines or putting you behind bars.

Here, we detail some of the most popular places in Phnom Penh to spend the evening munching, giggling and munching some more.


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