The Best Coffee Shops and Cafes in Battambang, Cambodia

Phnom Sampeu pagoda in Battambang
Phnom Sampeu pagoda in Battambang | © Sophie Lenoir / Shutterstock
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17 January 2018

Caffeine addicts can be reassured that they’ll be able to get their fix wherever they may be in Cambodia. And in the Kingdom’s second largest city, it’s no different, with the area awash with coffee shop choices. Here are some of the best cafes in Battambang.

Kinyei Cafe

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Kinyei Cafe, Krong Battambang
Kinyei Cafe, Krong Battambang | Courtesy of Kinyei Cafe

Serving up some of the finest coffee in the country, this social enterprise is a must-visit. Founded in 2009, Kinyei Cafe has helped train and find employment for more than 80 young Cambodians in the area. As well as its super-chilled atmosphere, it uses Feel Good coffee beans — some of the best you’ll find in the country — and serves up a delicious selection of food.

Cafe Eden

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Cafe Eden, Krong Battambang
Cafe Eden, Krong Battambang | Courtesy of Cafe Eden

As another popular Battambang coffee haunt, Cafe Eden offers a wide variety of coffees, all served by its well-trained army of baristas. Food is served throughout the day, and takes in breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner options. Wine and beer are also served for those looking for something harder.

Choco L'Art Cafe

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Choco L'Art Café, Krong Battambang
Choco L'Art Café, Krong Battambang | Courtesy of Choco L'Art Cafe

Quaint and cosy, Choco L’Art Cafe is run by a French-Khmer couple who like to treat the place as a home-away-from-home. Home-baked treats are the order of the day, with breads, cakes and desserts cooked up fresh daily. Breakfast, brunch and lunch is also served.

Green Mango Cafe & Bakery

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Green Mango, Krong Battambang
Green Mango, Krong Battambang | Courtesy of Green Mango Cafe & Bakery

Having opened three years ago to provide hands-on training for students at the Center for Global Impact’s Culinary Training Center, Green Mango Cafe & Bakery is helping to shape the country’s hospitality industry. It serves up a variety of coffees and baked goods, as well as a comprehensive breakfast, lunch and dinner menu.

The Lonely Tree Cafe

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The Lonely Tree
The Lonely Tree in Batambang | © The Lonely Tree
The Lonely Tree Cafe is another social enterprise that aims to elevate Battambang’s underprivileged youth and people with disabilities from poverty. As well as serving up a selection of drinks and dishes, it sells a variety of handicrafts made by local communities.

Cafe Crema Coffee&Roastery

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Coffee St.3 (ori.Café Crema Coffee&Roastery), Krong Battambang
Coffee St.3 (ori.Café Crema Coffee&Roastery), Krong Battambang | Courtesy of Cafe Crema Coffee&Roastery
Cafe Crema Coffee&Roastery is another coffee shop that strives to raise the quality of Cambodia’s coffee movement. Offering roasting and barista training, it serves up its creative collection of coffees to guests.

Cha Buzz Battambang

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Cha Buzz Battambang, Battambang
Cha Buzz Battambang, Battambang | Courtesy of Cha Buzz Battambang

Cambodian to the core, Cha Buzz Battambang has the AC cranked up and specialises in iced coffees, milkshakes, smoothies and teas. A range of Cambodian dishes are also offered on the menu. It is slightly out of town, on the other side of the river from the city centre.

The Street Latte

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The Street Latté, Krong Battambang
The Street Latté, Krong Battambang | Courtesy of The Street Latte

While street coffee carts are nothing new to Cambodia, as the younger generation embraces the coffee revolution, a new wave of hip carts are cropping up across the country, and The Street Latte is one of them. Enjoy a coffee served from a trendy cart while watching life pass by from chairs and tables set up on the street.