The 10 Best Eco-Friendly Hotels and Stays Near Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Independence Monument, Phnom Penh
Independence Monument, Phnom Penh | © small1/
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14 June 2018

Creating an environmentally-friendly space is becoming increasingly important in the modern world, and a swathe of Phnom Penh hotels are ensuring they deliver sustainable stays. Here are 10 of the best stays in and around the capital.

House Boutique Eco Hotel

Boutique Hotel, Eco Hotel
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House Boutique Eco Hotel
House Boutique Eco Hotel in Phnom Penh | © House Boutique Eco Hotel

This cute hideaway close to BKK market is home to a collection of modern and light rooms, a central swimming pool and restaurant and bar area. It’s green all around, with tropical fauna scattered as well. House Boutique Eco Hotel also pushes sustainable tourism, paying fair wages to its staff, minimising its use of water, plastic and waste, and educating both tourists and visitors on environmental issues.


Plantation - urban resort & spa

Boutique Hotel
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Lotus Pond Art Gallery
Lotus Pond Art Gallery at Plantation hotel | © Lotus Pond Art Gallery
This spacious boutique hotel is set in a converted period mansion, with a large swimming pool to the back and a smaller one at the front of the property. There is an on-site spa, gallery space and two bars and restaurants. The hotel minimises its waste and tries to keep plastic use to a minimum. It has also held a variety of green events to help promote the importance of the environment to both local and international audiences.

Mad Monkey Hostel Phnom Penh

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Mad Monkey Hostel
Black bean burger at Mad Monkey Hostel | © Mad Monkey Hostel

The masterminds behind the Mad Monkey brand have built up a series of responsible hostels across Cambodia and the region that caters to the modern-day flash-packing crowd. Boasting stylish dorms and private rooms, a pool, tours and a bar and restaurant, outside guests can indulge on the top-quality range of Western and Asian food offered throughout the day.

The Kabiki

Boutique Hotel, Garden Hotel
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The Kabiki
The Kabiki, Phnom Penh | © The Kabiki

This family-friendly garden hotel is situated in the heart of the capital’s historical district. In fitting with its home, the boutique hotel is a converted period villa settled in vast landscaped grounds. Catering to the kids, the hotel features a playground and paddle pool, on-site nannies, suggested activities for youngsters and a kids’ menu. The Kabiki also tries to keep its impact on the environment to a minimum.

Flotation - Floating Bungalows

Map View
Floatation on the Mekong River in Phnom Penh | © Floatation

This unique concept makes for a great overnight stay in the capital. Here, a boat and three wooden structures float on the Mekong River, opposite the Royal Palace. Acting as a great escape from the city without actually leaving, Floatation takes in a floating suite, restaurant and bar. The floating suite is made up of a lounging terrace, a double bedroom with king size bed and sofas, a bathroom and separate toilets.

The Balé

Resort, Independent Hotel
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The Balé
The Balé, Phnom Penh | © The Balé

Embracing the ‘passion for life’ philosophy, The Balé is a sumptuous resort that sits on the banks of the Mekong River on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. It is home to a collection of 18 elegant suites, an infinity pool, manicured gardens and a spacious restaurant and bar. It blends modern Asian design and architecture with a taste of luxury. It operates under an eco-friendly mantra and offers training to all of its staff.

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  • Rambutan Resort

    Boutique Hotel
    Map View
    Rambutan Resort
    Rambutan Resort, Phnom Penh | © Rambutan Resort
    This gay-friendly resort oozes urban chic. Situated on a quiet, centrally-located street, Rambutan’s pool welcomes outside guests, and can quickly fill up with expats during weekends. It is a stylish, well-designed property with friendly staff. It also operates with a strong social and environmental side, contributing to the sustainable development of the country and its people. It offers scholarship programmes for staff and their families, with many now studying law, tourism, business, finance, accounting, IT and English.

    iRoHa Garden

    Garden Hotel
    Map View
    iRoHa Garden Hotel & Resort
    iRoHa Garden Hotel & Resort, Phnom Penh | © iRoHa Garden Hotel & Resort

    This hideaway in the central Phnom Penh is a great escape from the humdrum of chaotic capital life. The stunning property takes in a range of guest rooms, with a well-manicured tropical garden housing a spacious swimming pool. Care has been taken to ensure the layout of the Japanese-owned property compliments guests’ experience. For example, the flowerbeds have been positioned so the breeze washes those lounging by the pool with floral scents.

    The White Mansion Boutique Hotel

    Independent Hotel
    Map View
    White Mansion Boutique Hotel
    White Mansion Boutique Hotel, Phnom Penh | © White Mansion Boutique Hotel

    As the former residence of the American Embassy, The White Mansion is a stunning property that is steeped in history. The charming spot offers three different room types, has a spa and swimming pool, and an Eric Kayser bakery on-site. Located in the heart of the capital, this stylish hotel is well worth checking into. It also works to try and minimise waste.

    The 252 Boutique Hotel

    Boutique Hotel
    Map View
    The 252 Boutique Hotel
    The 252 Boutique Hotel, Phnom Penh | © The 252 Boutique Hotel

    Serving the city since 2010, The 252 is a charming boutique hotel that strives to provide its guests with a home away from home. Well designed, the property is made up of a collection of minimalist but homely rooms, a swimming pool and bar and restaurant, and poolside massages are also available. The 252 also operates with a heart and puts staff development at its core. Educational programmes are carried out and The 252 works with local regulated educational organisations.