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The Best and Cheapest Adventure Broccasions to Take in 2018

Picture of Tara Jessop
Updated: 29 November 2017
Let’s face it: some of the best holidays you’ll ever go on are those you get to spend with your mates. Whether you’re looking for all-night parties or life-changing adventures, here are some of the best holiday destinations that are perfect for escaping with your friends. Best of all, in most cases you won’t have to break the bank either.

New Year’s in Thailand

There’s a reason that Thailand is one of the top travel destinations: the combination of stunning scenery, cheap prices and crazy nightlife is unbeatable. Thailand is particularly perfect for a bromantic New Year’s getaway if you’re after out-of-this-world celebrations, jaw-dropping outdoor hikes and wild parties. Consider the Full Moon Party in Ko Pha-ngan if you’re feeling brave, or the Central World Street Party in Bangkok for something a little tamer.

Beach parties in Cambodia

If it’s beach parties you’re after then you may want to consider Cambodia for your next trip out with the guys. Less crowded than the likes of Goa and Phuket, Sihanoukville in Cambodia is a regular stop-off for backpackers who fool themselves into thinking they’ll get some rest. It’s no postcard destination but the resort is set up with everything you could need to survive in non-stop party mode.

Motorcycle tour in Vietnam

Eating, sleeping and getting around in Vietnam is notoriously cheap and you can easily get by on less than €15 a day. If you’re looking for an adventure though, why not book a motorcycle tour and explore the back-country too. Tours can last anywhere from a couple of days to two weeks and take you through some of Vietnam’s most scenic landscapes with a chance to sample the delicious local food along the way.

Surfing in Costa Rica

Considered one of the world’s best surfing spots, Costa Rica has become an increasingly popular destination for adventure holidays these past few years. Whether you’re seasoned surfers or are looking to pick up a new hobby, there are some great surf beaches for every level. Plus, surfing in Costa Rica is one of the cheapest deals you’ll find in Central or South America.

Clubbing in Ibiza

Considered the clubbing mecca of Europe, Ibiza is renowned for its gigantic night-clubs – including the world’s largest super-club, Privilege Ibiza, which can hold some 10,000 revellers at a time. While prices aren’t what they were 20 years ago, go in spring or autumn to avoid peak-season prices, as renting a villa for a mid-size group can be very affordable.

Skiing in Slovakia

OK, so a ski holiday is never going to be the cheapest kind of vacation. But if you’re willing to forgo the luxury of Chamonix or Verbier and look further afield, a ski trip in Slovakia can be just as much fun and a lot lighter on your wallet. One of the country’s largest resorts, Jasná, is just 40 minutes from the nearest airport, has some 40km of slopes and at the end of the day you’ll find beer from just €2 a pint.

City-crawl in Lisbon

Prefer the bright lights of the city to the open spaces of the countryside? The problem with city breaks is that they can turn out expensive, not so in Lisbon though. This increasingly popular Portuguese city offers a vibrant nightlife with edgy bars and traditional eateries galore, and plenty of sightseeing to keep you busy during the day.

Diving in Honduras

The Bay Islands are located just off the north coast of Honduras in the Caribbean Sea and were for a long time considered one of the cheapest places to dive. The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef and the volcanic nature of the area make for some amazing underwater explorations with wildlife including whale sharks, rays and sea turtles.

Rafting in Croatia

Put your coordination and team skills to the test by embarking on a descent of the Una River in Croatia. Located on the border with Bosnia & Herzegovina, the Una is well provisioned in water so you can raft even in the water when other rivers run dry. Nearby, the Plitvice Lakes National Park boasts some 16 interconnected lakes which are ideal for hiking and offer both campsites and hotels.

Hiking in the Pyrenees

Embark on a spiritual journey with your mates and hike along the Camino de Santiago on the border between France and Spain. A centuries’ old pilgrimage route, the Camino de Santiago crosses through the Pyrenees mountains but is perfectly accessible to less seasoned hikers. There’s nothing like the great outdoors to help you get a little perspective on life and you don’t have to spend any time in churches or temples to be able to embrace the spiritual journey.

Tapas time in Andalusia

The south of Spain is the hometown of flamenco, sangria and classic Spanish fiesta time. The ancient cities of Seville and Granada are rich in culture, but also know how to show visitors a good time thanks to their late-night bars and musical traditions. By European standards going out in Andalusia is relatively cheap, with bars offering affordable tapas alongside local beer or wine for just a few euros.