11 Crazy Junk Foods From Around The World You’ll Secretly Want

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Food Editor20 November 2017

To celebrate (or regret?) National Fast Food day on November 16, we’ve compiled a list of the quirkiest, most unlikely fast food items from around the world. Which one would you like to try?

Pumpkin spice french fries

Pumpkin spice sauce and chocolate sauce covering french fries, from Japan.

Burrito pizza

Pizza time. All the time. #burritopizza

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A pizza with chilli beans, burrito sauce and other assorted toppings. Also in the range was a nacho pizza and a quesadilla pizza. Available from New Zealand.

Cranberry, blueberry, raspberry and red wine burger

No, BURGER KING Japan. NO! #burger #berries #berrykristmush #makethemstop

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The ‘Berry Kristmush’ burger was limited-edition for Christmas 2014, and featured berries with a red wine sauce. Because nothing screams ‘festive’ like beef and blueberries. From Japan.

Colette blue burger

The burger was created in the signature colour of the famous Parisian shop Colette – an unappetising shade of bright blue.

Women’s burger face mask

A restaurant in Japan noticed that women weren’t buying many burgers because small mouths are considered beautiful in Japan and eating a burger in public contradicts that. They created a burger wrapper with a woman’s face printed on it so no-one could see the women’s eating, and their female burgers sales increased 213% in a year.

KitKat sandwich

A KitKat, whipped cream and candied orange peel in a bun, which hails from Japan.

Dried pork and seaweed doughnut

Seaweed Pork Floss donut. It's actually really good! 😋🇨🇳

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Available from Dunkin’ Donuts in Japan, these flavourings are common on bread, less so on doughnuts.

Cheeseburger crust pizza

You can eat this fast food Frankenstein’s monster at Pizza Huts in the Middle East and the UK. It’s as it sounds: a pizza with mini cheeseburgers embedded in the crust.

Fried chicken-flavoured nail polish

KFC made edible nail polish that tastes like their chicken. You can choose from original and hot and spicy flavour, and then lick it off your nails.

Buffalo crunch doughnut

A doughnut dunked in buffalo sauce and encrusted with crushed crisps, with two tiny tortilla chips for dipping. Yum?

Beer and macarons at McDonalds in France

#mcmacarons at mcdonald's france.

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That’s right: at the golden arches in France, you can buy a beer to go with the delicate macarons that they sell there.

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