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Image © Amanda Saurez
Image © Amanda Saurez
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The Global Anthology: Abkhazia – Azerbaijan

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Updated: 2 October 2017
Stories from our Global Anthology: Abkhazia – Afghanistan – Albania – Algeria – Andorra – Angola – Antigua and Barbuda – Argentina – Armenia – Australia – Austria – Azerbaijan

Fazil Iskander | Forbidden Fruit
Translated by Sonia Melnikova | Originally published by Two Lines

Parvin Faiz Zadah Malal | Hate
Translated by Anders Widmark | Originally published on Words Without Borders

Lindita Arapi | The Town of D.
Translated by Susan Houlton | Originally published on Albanian Books

Kamel Daoud | Musa
Translated by John Cullen | Originally published on the New Yorker

Pilar Burgués | White or Blue? | Translated by Julia Sanches
Published on Culture Trip courtesy of Editorial Andorra
Read our interview with Pilar Burgués here

Ondjaki | Transparent Bones | Translated by Ana Fletcher
Originally published courtesy of And Other Stories

Joanne C. Hillhouse | The Other Daughter
Originally published on Adda Stories
Read our interview with Joanne C. Hillhouse here

Samanta Schweblin | My Parents and My Children
Translated by Kit Maude | Originally published on The Short Story Project

Ani Asatryan | I’m Not Going to Die
Translated by Adrineh Der-Boghossian
Originally published on Words Without Borders

Josephine Rowe | Three Shorts
Originally published on the Paris Review / MacSweeney’s
Courtesy of Catapult Publishing

Daniel Kehlmann | from F
Translated by Carol Brown Janeway | Excerpted on NPR courtesy of Vintage

Sara Oghuz Nazirova | When the Grass Grows
Translator unknown | Originally published on Visions of Azerbaijan