South Korea, Asia

South Korea, Asia


Japan and China might sweep up most Western tourism in East Asia, but sitting between the two is a country that rivals their travel diversity.

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South Korea is enchanting. It's far smaller than some of its neighbours, so seeing everything is a lot more doable, and there is just as much to see. From the neon-lit karaoke bars of Seoul to ancient temples in the countryside, South Korea offers natural beauty, local culture and vibrant cities in equal measure.

Imagine serene mountain forests and quaint old villages, only a short train ride from the bustling seafood markets of Busan or the pulsating nightlife of Seoul. Think of charming traditions, tea ceremonies and early wellness practices. And then there's the food: Korean barbecue, fried chicken, spicy rice, kimchi and hearty stews all washed down with local rice wine.

With a culture carved by centuries of history, a cuisine like no other and traditions aplenty, South Korea deserves to be seen from its most authentic side. That's where Culture Trip comes in. Our small-group adventures are led by Local Insiders and designed to offer you experiences and insights that would otherwise evade you.

With us, you'll learn an ancient martial art outside a Buddhist temple, sample bibimbap in the traditional Hanok village where it was first cooked, and explore the Demilitarised Zone as you get within a stone's throw of North Korea. So whether you're looking for somewhere new or somewhere old, urban buzz or rural majesty, South Korea is ready and waiting.

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