Just 23 Photos That Will Give You All the Feels for Antarctica

© Jo Crebbin / Shutterstock
© Jo Crebbin / Shutterstock

Nothing compares to the epic white wilderness that is Antarctica, a land of snow, rock, ice and water. It’s simply stunning.

There is no place in the world quite like Antarctica. Its surreal remoteness,  gargantuan ice sheets, vast and jagged mountain ranges, and myriad alien life forms challenge you to embrace life to the fullest. Anyone who’s been will tell you that you must earn the respect of this continent, not the other way around. Unlike any other destination in the world, ice –not clocks, magazine trends or tourism calendars – determines all rights of passage here.

Its charm, you ask? Inspiration. Antarctica is untameable. It is a land in which any savvy explorer will experience an indescribable feeling of being a small speck in a vast, surreal, unkind and harshly beautiful land. Here you are insignificant, and at the mercy of Mother Nature in all her ferocity. This is a land where ice palaces reign supreme, where unexplored and untouched mountains reveal themselves in an instant through a veil of deadly marine mist, where the weather has its own menacing and dark rhythms. And If you’re lucky enough to go, you’ll join an exclusive ‘it club’ entirely free of humankind’s imprint. In short, Antarctica is pure elemental magic.

From emperor penguins in Port Lockroy to the icebergs of the Lemaire Channel, the snow-capped peaks of South Georgia to giant, leaping humpback whales navigating the Drake Passage, here are 23 photos of Antarctica that will give you all the feels.


The absolute beauty of Andord Bay, Graham Land…

© Jo Crebbin / Shutterstock

A world of blues and whites | © Jo Crebbin / Shutterstock


The cute Weddell seal pups playing on the ice of the Antarctic Peninsula…

© Dmytro Pylypenko / Shutterstock

Cuteness overload alert! | © Dmytro Pylypenko / Shutterstock


The huge icebergs of the Drake Passage…

© Stephen Lew / Shutterstock

It looks like a portal to another world…. | © Stephen Lew / Shutterstock


© Gen Productions / Shutterstock

An almost sculptural iceberg | © Gen Productions / Shutterstock


© Jo Crebbin / Shutterstock

Imagine going round this bend! | © Jo Crebbin / Shutterstock


© Volodymyr Goinyk / Shutterstock

Angular icebergs contribute to the starkness of the landscape | © Volodymyr Goinyk / Shutterstock


© Andrey Nosik / Shutterstock

Gentoo Penguins standing sentinel  © Andrey Nosik / Shutterstock


Armin Rose / Shutterstock

Looks almost like ice cream | © Armin Rose / Shutterstock


© Jo Crebbin / Shutterstock

What lies beneath…. | © Jo Crebbin / Shutterstock

The Great Ice Wall of Brunt…

Antantarctic / Shutterstock

Mother Nature is ahead of the curve when it comes to building walls…. | © Antarctic / Shutterstock

The breathtaking views of the Lemaire Channel…

© Alexey Suloev / Shutterstock

Whales’ paradise | © Alexey Suloev / Shutterstock

The King Penguin colonies of the Falklands…

© Andre Anita / Shutterstock

A waddle of penguins | © Andre Anita / Shutterstock

And St Andrews Bay in South Georgia…

© Jo Crebbin / Shutterstock

Emperor penguins strutting their stuff on shore | © Jo Crebbin / Shutterstock

The dreamy ice caves at the Vernadsky Research Base…

© Armin Rose / Shutterstock

Light makes a blue reflection in the ice caves | © Armin Rose / Shutterstock


© Volodymyr Goinyk / Shutterstock

…And here they are flooded with violet light | © Volodymyr Goinyk / Shutterstock

The Instagram-perfect mountain reflections of the Ronne Ice Shelf…

© Volodymyr Goinyk / Shutterstock

Mirror image | © Volodymyr Goinyk / Shutterstock

The Gentoo penguins of Port Lockroy…

© Willem Tims / Shutterstock

In contrast to Chinstrap, Emperor and Adélie penguins, Gentoo penguins can be found near their breeding colonies all year round | © Willem Tims / Shutterstock


The laughing elephant sea lions of South Georgia…

© Anton Ivanov / Shutterstock

Hahaha, sea lion-style | © Anton Ivanov / Shutterstock


The epic Rising Glacier at Drygalski Fjord, South Georgia…

© Amelie Koch / Shutterstock

Rising Glacier flows southeast into Drygalski Gorge| © Amelie Koch / Shutterstock


The Humpback whales of the Ross Sea…

© MZPHOTO.CZ / Shutterstock

A Humpback whale breaches in Ross Sea | © MZPHOTO.CZ / Shutterstock


© Dmytro Pylypenko / Shutterstock

The Humpback is a species of baleen whale with long pectoral fins and a knobbly head | © Dmytro Pylypenko / Shutterstock

The Chinstrap penguins of Half Moon Island, South Shetland Islands…

© Anton Ivanov / Shutterstock

Chinstrap penguins enjoying the snow and shelter on Half Moon Island | © Anton Ivanov / Shutterstock

The mystical landscapes of the Lemaire Channel…

© Evenfh / Shutterstock

These massive peaks are frequently shrouded in clouds | © Evenfh / Shutterstock



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