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Harare I © damien_farrell/Flickr
Harare I © damien_farrell/Flickr
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The Top 10 Restaurants In Harare

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Harare is the bustling capital of Zimbabwe, in former times known as the Sunshine City, and a place which, although the subject of hardship in recent years, still retains much of its old charm. Home to the University of Zimbabwe, the country’s main Test Cricket ground and the successful Dynamos Football Club, the region boasts a wealth of varied restaurants too. So, if you’re in town and looking for a place to grab a bite, be sure to check out one of these top 10 restaurants.
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Emmanuel’s Restaurant at Bronte Hotel

Emanuel’s is an upscale Victorian-style restaurant located within the Bronte Hotel, a building set in Harare’s leafy Baines Avenue neighborhood. The indoor seating offers a cozy but well-lit setting in which to enjoy great food, and gives a great view of the Bronte gardens. They offer great service here and a delightful menu. Diners have the chance to try tasty local meat like buffalo, and to sample delicious roasted vegetables over multiple courses. Emanuel’s also serve popular delicacies like Kariba crayfish salad and pork loin. For an exceptional dining experience, this venue really fits the bill.

Address & telephone number: 132 Baines Ave, Harare, Zimbabwe, +263 4 707522

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Victoria 22

Victoria 22 combines gourmet dining with a classy setting to create one of Harare’s best restaurants by far. With indoor tables as well as sunny patio seating outside in the garden area, this venue is an elegant space in which to enjoy some extremely unique dishes. The menu offers a diverse selection of plates, from French-inspired delicacies to calamari and prawns, as well as duck and other African creations. Good wine complements the food here, along with top-quality and attentive service. Victoria 22 is the place to enjoy an exceptional lunch away from the urban grind of Harare.

Address & telephone number: 22 Victoria Rd, Harare, Zimbabwe

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Amanzi Restaurant

Set amongst four acres of luxurious and exotic gardens at the highly-rated Amanzi Lodge, the Amanzi Restaurant brings flavor and taste to the African dining experience. The venue is set far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the decor recreates a sense of an Africa from a bygone time, featuring traditional wall decorations and authentic art. Amanzi offers a complex menu of fusion food sourced from all parts of the world, and diners can enjoy some lamb and pistachio skewers, or can sample a mixed sushi platter or the delectable Portuguese calamari tubes.

Address & telephone number: 158 Enterprise Road, Highlands, Harare, Zimbabwe, +263 497768

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La Fontaine Restaurant

La Fontaine is located inside one of Harare’s finest accommodation options, the luxury 5-star Meikles Hotel. The restaurant is a French-style venue which combines French dishes with local grilled delicacies for a delicious and diverse dining experience. The restaurant overlooks the sunny gardens of Africa Unity Square, and along with tasty steaks and fish, there is a wide selection of imported wines and local beer. The service is prompt, with butlers and a pianist adding to the class and sophistication of this food spot.

Address & telephone number: Corner 3rd street, Jason Mayo Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe, +263 4 707 721

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Sorella’s Pizzeria and Cafe

Perfect for a family outing, Sorella’s Pizzeria boasts fine pizzas and a party atmosphere. Much less formal than some of the other famous Harare restaurants, Sorella’s is great place to satisfy a pizza craving and unwind with a glass of well-selected wine. A top spot for the Italian classic, gourmet toppings, thin bases and gluten-free options cater to the customer’s every need.

Address & telephone number: 1 Fisher Ave, Harare, Zimbabwe, +263 77 884 2016

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Chang Thai Restaurant

The Chang Thai restaurant located in the exclusive Gunhill area serves authentic and quite spicy Thai cuisine. If you are seeking a culinary adventure and some very tasty Asian food, Chang Thai is the place to be. To begin, why not try a mild starter like chicken noodle soup, a bowl of fresh and steamy goodness. Then, step up the spice with an adventurous prawn or red duck curry, you won’t be disappointed. The portions are generous, and the flavors are unbeatable. The Chang Thai also offers a good selection of vegetable dishes which go well with their seafood plates.

Address & telephone number: 83 Churchill Avenue, Hartman Road, Gunhill, Harare, Zimbabwe, +263 4 783054

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A spacious and elegant, well-lit Indian restaurant, Sitar is the destination of choice for diners seeking Indian food in Harare. A joint founded by the city’s Indian expatriates, come here to try tasty bites including tikka poppers, samosas, crusted prawns and Indian breads and dips. There is also a huge choice of curries available.

Address & telephone number: 2 Cecil Rhodes Drive, Newlands, Harare, Zimbabwe, +263 4 746 215

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Located in Harare’s exclusive Rainbow Towers Hotel, Kombahari is an Afro-Asian themed restaurant offering some of the best food in town. You can get a taste of the city’s ice-cold, local beer, and you can refresh with a classy wine too, after sampling some succulent dumplings or perfectly cooked duck, of course. The service here is outstanding, and the ambience refined and sophisticated. The venue is artfully lit with yellow and gold lamps, and the beautiful view of the Harare skyline here is unforgettable. The chefs prepare your meal whilst you watch, making this an interactive and entertaining dining experience.

Address & telephone number: 1 Pennefather Avenue, Samora Machel West, Harare, Zimbabwe, +263 4 772633-9

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Alo Alo

Alo Alo serves up some of the city’s most sumptuous local dishes. Found at the upscale Arundel Shopping Center, Alo Alo boasts a tasty menu and a vibrant setting which is perfect for a family outing. Dishes here include butter soft lamb shank, fillet medallions rossini and prawn curry. The restaurant boasts a cozy interior, with intimate seating and tastefully decorated tables and decor, as well as an outdoor garden for those sunny Harare afternoons.

Address & telephone number: Arundel Shopping Centre, Harare, Zimbabwe, +263 773 265 933

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Shangri-La Restaurant

For a taste of fine sushi and Chinese cuisine, you won’t want to miss the Shangri-La Restaurant on Enterprise Road. This joint is well-known for serving scrumptious sushi despite being many miles away from the sea. The restaurant is spacious and set against a backdrop of lush, leafy gardens, with creative decorations evoking a joyful and relaxed atmosphere. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a live band while you eat, as there are regular traditional music performances hosted in the restaurant.

Address & telephone number: 155 Enterprise Road, Harare, Zimbabwe, +263 4 443263