Uganda's Top 10 Contemporary Artists
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Uganda's Top 10 Contemporary Artists

Picture of Ambika Rajgopal
Updated: 12 January 2017
With its very own Kampala Biennale focusing on the best of contemporary African art, Uganda is becoming a fast-growing cultural hub in East Africa. Artists derive influence from their distinctive and rapidly developing culture while harkening to tradition and custom. These ten contemporary artists are some of the influential minds that are carving a space for Uganda in the international art world.

Daudi Karungi

Daudi Karungi is a creative composite: a painter, curator, gallerist, printmaker and fashion designer all rolled into one. A familiar face in the fast-growing Ugandan Artscape, he has created various platforms that endeavour to promote and represent Ugandan artists on an international scale. The AfriArt Gallery, of which Karungi is the director, and START, an art journal that he co-founded, are some of the efforts he has made to exhibit the works of upcoming Ugandan artists and put Uganda on the international art map. He draws inspiration from the daily social and political climate of the country and reflects upon the dichotomies of tradition and modernity, existence and loss.