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The Top 10 Cultural Hotels in Hammamet, Tunisia
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The Top 10 Cultural Hotels in Hammamet, Tunisia

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Happily for the budding travelers among us, Hamammet is home to plenty of great hotels. Whether you’re on a business trip and looking for somewhere minimalist but that also does the job; on a romantic honeymoon; or touring the area solo to find yourself in a new culture; you’ll never be short of somewhere to stay in this attractive location.
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Sentido Le Sultan

Le Sultan is truly magnificent. Its comparatively small size means you’ll have a cozy atmosphere while you overlook the glittering ocean. Work your way through the diverse menu, appreciate the contemporary decor, then collapse into a wildly comfortable bed after a busy day spent seeing what Hammamet has to offer.

Address – BP 11 Route Touristique, Hammamet 8050, Tunisia

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Hammamet Garden Resort and Spa

Hammamet Garden Resort and Spa is not just any old resort and spa – one of the best resorts and spas. Oh, and it happens to feature gardens! And pools. And palm trees. Basically, it’s seriously aesthetically pleasing here. Very welcoming staff; good food and a fresh feel all round – we’d struggle to identify a fault with this hotel.

Address – Av. Moncef Bey – BP 291, Hammamet 8050, Tunisia

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Medina Solaria and Thalasso

Looking for a fresh, large room neatly positioned so Hammamet’s abundant natural light hits every angle? Then look no further than Medina Solaria and Thalasso! Its magnificent natural light isn’t all it has going for it though – it’s also in a location optimum for enjoying Hammamet; has fantastic entertainment to ensure boredom is no longer a word in your vocabulary – including cabaret and live music -and is highly contemporary. If you’re looking for somewhere more traditional, you might perhaps feel put-out – but look on the plus side: Medina Solaria and Thalasso is the perfect place to break out of your comfort zone, and you’re almost guaranteed to find you revel in it.

We love – The liveliness

Address – Rue de la Medina | Yasmine Hammamet, Hammamet 8056, Tunisia

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Hotel Club President

Okay, so it is very close to the sea, but with a pool this fantastic, do you even need the ocean? Alright alright, so you can’t go to Hammamet and not make the best of nature’s swimming pool, but what we’re trying to say is that Hotel Club President boasts great facilities. The rooms are also spacious and well-cleaned; the restaurant includes nightly Tunisian specials to retain some authenticity; and the animation team arguably make the hotel what it is.

Address – Zone touristique El Mrezka | Hammamet Nord, Hammamet, Tunisia

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The Russelior Hotel and Spa

If you’re after somewhere a bit more relaxed yet glamorous – basically, indulgent – you’ve found it in the form of The Russelior. This is the place to be if you’re not a party animal (or maybe you are, you’re just currently more inclined towards a refreshing stay, whether with a partner or a group of friends.) The maze of palm trees, attractive pool designs and stylish spa will make this a stay worth remembering for all the right reasons.

Address – BP 76 – Sud, Hammamet 8040, Tunisia

What makes Hammamet so great?

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Dar Khayam Hotel

Another popular hotel, Dar Khayam scores highly among guests. It’s perhaps particularly recommendable for families with young children, thanks to the all-inclusive facilities, large swimming pool, animation team and outdoor activities serving all sorts of interests and needs. Despite the family emphasis, the area surrounding the pools is pristine, a relaxing way to soak up that great African sun. You’ll want to return in a hurry!

Address – Rue Omar Kayam, Hammamet 08050, Tunisia

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Iberostar Averroes

Many hotels in Hammamet offer the full works – shows, dance and music from all over the world, each night. However if you’re feeling a bit more restful, this cultural hotel is hard to beat. With serene waters spreading almost as far as the eye can see (and we’re talking the pool, not the nearby ocean!); a sophisticated buffet and dazzling location, you’ll be feeling rejuvenated by the time you cast your sad farewells.

Address – Yasmine, Hammamet 8052, Tunisia

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Vincci Taj Sultan

Think stunning white-washed buildings perfectly complemented by the roaring heat, serene azure waters to cool down, perky palm trees and professional-looking floral displays, and you’ve basically conjured up Vincci Taj Sultan. Of course, this mental image won’t yet span as far as the accommodating waiters, exciting shows and ability to give all tourists a great trip – but that’ll all come once you experience it for yourself.

Address – B.P. 253Yasmine Hammamet, 8050

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Hotel Riu Palace Hammamet Marhaba

We can’t miss out a hotel that has “Palace” in its name when considering Hammamet’s best cultural hotels, now can we? But that’s not the only reason Hotel Riu Palace Hammamet Marhab is a worthy entry. The architecture is attractive and tells a historical tale, you’re in close distance to the lively marina, the heart of Hammamet, and there’s a homely feel amid the all-inclusive amenities. It’s all-round excellent!

Address – Avenue Moncef Bey | Hammamet, Hammamet, Tunisia

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Hotel Bel Azur Thalassa

Hotel Bel Azur Thalassa is a little piece of Tunisian paradise. It still spells out luxury but provides a slightly unique twist by allowing pets to stay with you. Don’t worry, it’s nothing if not clean. The professional welcome you’ll receive upon entrance is proof that the Hotel Bel Azur Thalassa staff know what they’re doing. Despite the energetic disco bar once dusk falls, there are also plenty of chances to rewind and relax throughout the day.

Address – BP 13, Avenue Assad Ibn el Fourat, Hammamet 8050, Tunisia