11 Dates Ideas You Can Only Try in Tanzania

Feeling the love | © Pablo Heimplatz/Unsplash
Feeling the love | © Pablo Heimplatz/Unsplash
Photo of Gill Lange
20 November 2017

You have to admit that there is something sensual about being out in nature with your honey. Perhaps it’s the freedom of the outdoors, or the intimate feeling that comes from cuddling under the stars on a sand dune. If you feel like you’re stuck in a romance rut, or want some unique date ideas, then consider the wild abandon of Tanzania. Here’s why it’s the perfect spot to get your sexy back.

Join the other 'mile-high club'

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While we don’t recommend you literally rock the boat in a hot-air balloon, it is a great way to encourage some cuddles, with awesome views thrown in as a bonus. It’s a rather giddy affair, floating high above the plains as wildlife cruises the savannas below you, but if you’re trying to earn points on the romance chart, this should do the trick. After an exhilarating trip through the sky, touch down for a champagne breakfast with the vibe of the Serengeti pulsating around you. Adrenaline, wildlife and passion: it’s a perfect recipe.

Get some open-air therapy

Think sensual massage oil, a gentle breeze on your back and the soothing sound of the bushland or ocean in the background. An outdoor couples massage is a sure-fire way to relax and unwind. Many lodges and seaside resorts in Tanzania offer divine massage packages that can include everything from candles, incense and flowers, to outdoor bathtubs made for two. After you’ve immersed yourself into a state of bliss, what you do with the rest of your day is up to you.

Bubbles and rose petals | © Dennis Wong/Flickr

Share a love-struck starry night

Tanzania has some of the darkest skies in the world and star-watching on a blanket with your love under a twinkling African sky is an opportunity not to be missed. There is no need to haul out a telescope and get all technical about it; after all, the stars are the setting while you are the main act. Take along a bottle of wine and a warm blanket to snuggle under, as the night can get chilly. Watch the Milky Way slowly reveal itself while Venus sparkles on the horizon.

Melt into magic on a dhow

A visit to Tanzania and its scenic island of Zanzibar wouldn’t be complete without a cruise on a dhow—a traditional, wooden sailing boat. Enjoy the views with your squeeze as the dhow gently cruises out into the calm waters of the Indian Ocean. Depending on which option you choose, you can sail out into the setting sun for cocktails and a romantic dinner, or spend a day at sea, swimming in the ocean and working on your tan. Oiling each other up with protective sun lotion is a must.

Sailing dhow | © Alejandro HM/Flickr

Glamp it up

A tent in the wilderness, an outside shower, and a camp fire in the bushland all add up to an exotic and romantic atmosphere that only Tanzania can provide. While some tented camps throw it all at you (including three-course meals and a personal butler service) there are also others that still offer the Out of Africa feeling for those traveling on a budget. These, usually mobile, camp sites provide all the basic necessities and comforts and offer a truly wild experience, with lions roaring and hyenas howling in the darkness of the night. Once you’ve retired to your tent, you have to stay there until the safety of dawn, so get ready for some all-night snuggling.

Spice it up

Boutique Hotel Restaurant, Contemporary, Seafood, $$$
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View from Emerson Spice
View from Emerson Spice | View from Emerson Spice
Zanzibar is a culinary rainbow of tastes, and spices from around the world are used in Zanzibari cooking, giving the island’s cuisine unmatched flavour. Combine this with the freshest seafood available and foodies are likely to find a match made in heaven. If you’re looking to impress your significant other, then best head down to Emerson Spice, where the sensual atmosphere and rooftop views are almost as good as what is served up on the plate. The exotic and beautifully restored old merchant’s building houses two restaurants, and each one will add some spice to your evening.

Ride with the wind

For the more sporty and adventurous couples out there, Tanzania won’t disappoint, as there is a huge selection of outdoor activities to keep the fit and fabulous entertained. One of the more fun and unusual options is kite surfing. The calm, lagoon-like waters of Paje Beach present ideal conditions for those who are just starting to learn, and lessons and equipment can be booked ahead of time. Get some fun exercise and have a good laugh all at once. Your tired muscles will also be the perfect excuse to go ahead and book that couples massage you’ve been meaning to have.

Zanzibar Kite Paradise – Kite Surf Center, Paje beach, Zanzibar, Tanzania, +255 772 194 278

Return to nature

If you really want to explore your basic instinct and re-tune your body to the pulse of nature, then treat yourself and you honey to a few days at one of the most exclusive eco-resorts in the world. Pole Pole, meaning “different time” holds an exquisite position in the heart of the Mafia Island Marine Park and brings laid-back luxury to your doorstep. The small resort offers privacy and discrete hospitality for lovers who value their alone-time, and really does make you feel like you’re on your own deserted island. Swimming in the Blue Lagoon and exploring tiny islands untouched by human settlement or civilization are some of the romantic options on offer.

Pole Pole Bungalows, Plot 16 – Utende Beach, Mafia Island, Tanzania, +255 786 303 041

Get a henna tattoo

While getting inked with matching heart-and-arrow tattoos is about as uncool as perms from the ’80s, a henna tattoo is a different story altogether. Firstly, its not permanent and will fade with your holiday tan and, secondly, Stone Town has some seriously talented locals who create magic on your body with a henna brush. Traditionally, henna artwork is used to adorn and bless women for important ceremonies. The henna patterns used in Zanzibar are a fusion of Arab and Indian designs, combining intricate Indian mehndi (fine floral and paisley patterns) with larger flowers found in Arab henna.

Hurumzi Henna Art Gallery, Hurumzi St, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Henna Mehendi patters

Henna Mehendi patters | Pixabay

Dine under the stars

It really doesn’t matter where you do this in Tanzania. It could be on the white sands of the Indian Ocean in Zanzibar, or out on a savanna plain in the Serengeti. It also doesn’t really matter what you eat – a seven-course meal or a picnic – as starlight, flicking candles, and the glow of the moon steal the show. You’ll soon be dreamily gazing into each other’s eyes, holding hands and kicking off your shoes. End your date with a nightcap and seal it with a kiss.


No, we don’t mean reconnect to your WiFi, or your smart phone, or your Instagram account. Rather reconnect with your selves, either by meditating, doing yoga or attending a wellness retreat together. Reach deep, clear your mind and breathe. Soon you will be in perfect harmony with your honey, both your bodies tuned to the same wavelength of love.

Reconnect | © Ryan Holloway/Unsplash

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