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Why This Swimming Cap Is Revolutionary Yet Long Overdue for Black Girls

Picture of Andrew Thompson
Updated: 11 January 2018
An everyday item for swimmers, that has seen little change since the early 1900s has just received a welcome overhaul. A South African mother has now produced a cap to help black children fit bigger hair into their swimming caps.

Numvuyo Treffers created the Swimma Cap in order to solve a problem that has plagued many swimmers with hair that does not fit into traditional small swim caps. The new cap includes additional space at the top in order for those with bigger hair or dreadlocks to comfortably fit it all in, without sacrificing on form or function.

According to an interview with Bona Magazine, Treffers struggled to fit her own hair into swim caps. If she wanted to swim, she would have to do so without a cap, but the time and stress associated with blowdrying her hair after swims meant that she tended to avoid going swimming altogether.

Furthermore, black children often reported feeling inferior to their white counterparts, who could easily fit into classic swim caps. Now, Swimma Caps, which look similar to those already on the market, allow all swimmers to fit in by creating stylish, practical and efficient caps that are suitable for everyone. They come in a range of colours and three sizes: regular, midi, and super-large.