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Cape Town | © Aloysius / Pixabay
Cape Town | © Aloysius / Pixabay
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Why You Should Visit Cape Town

Picture of Andrew Thompson
Updated: 29 January 2018
Cape Town, on the southwestern tip of the African continent, needs little introduction. It’s known as the budget-friendly city that has it all, from award-winning wine farms and urban mountains to pristine beaches and a vibrant city centre. In case you need further persuading, here are some reasons why you should visit Cape Town at least once in your life.

The history is remarkable and moving

Cape Town has a long, important and sombre history. The Khoi-San who lived undisturbed across the southern reaches of the continent for hundreds of years were devastated by arriving colonialists. The arriving settlers brought changes to the face of Cape Town, some of which are still visible in various buildings and monuments. The same is true for the country’s apartheid years, and with the likes of Robben Island, Bo-Kaap and District 6, among many other important sites, it’s a moving place from which to start an exploration into the country’s history.

Robben Island
Robben Island | Courtesy of UNESCO

The summer sunshine and windless winters