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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah | © Elvert Barnes / Flickr
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Trevor Noah's Recap of the Royal Wedding is Genius

Picture of Carina Claassens
Updated: 1 June 2018
South Africa’s comedic gem, Trevor Noah, couldn’t resist doing a bit about the Royal Wedding just hours after it took place, and the audience loved it.

Viewers across the globe were glued to their television screens on Saturday, May 19, 2018, to watch the most anticipated event of the year, if not the century, the Royal Wedding.

Shortly after the wedding ended, South African comedian and host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, shared his hilarious thoughts on the big day. For his performance in front of a 16,000-strong crowd at the O2 Arena in London, he laughingly opened by saying: “There’s so many of you here to see me, I feel like Meghan Markle, this is dope”. He went on to say that he didn’t realise his show was booked to take place on the same day as the wedding, but that he did book it “way before them”.

Noah’s take on the wedding lightheartedly focused on the “blackness” of the event and how, to him, it seemed like a very standard occasion that was quite far from a traditional African wedding.

“If you have a black person playing the cello, it’s safe to say that you’ve cancelled out the blackness of that event”, he said, raising rowdy applause from the audience.

Needless to say, get ready to laugh out loud.