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13 of Cape Town's Top Coffee Shops

13 of Cape Town's Top Coffee Shops

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Updated: 12 February 2018
Whatever it is that Cape Town does, it does brilliantly. On top of the excess of fantastic restaurants, markets, vineyards and bars, it also has a glowing array of coffee shops. Although coffee is indigenous to Africa, it is only in recent years that South Africa’s artisan coffee brewers have thrived, with over 33 speciality roasters bursting into life across Cape Town, Hermanus and the winelands.

Bean There Coffee Company

With the lives of an estimated 25 million farmers in Africa relying on the coffee trade for survival, the Bean There Coffee Company is determined to do its bit to help others by ensuring a direct fair trade link with the Nyarurama and Musema Cooperatives. This link ensures the ethical and sustained support of small scale farmers. The direct trade means also means that members of the company go out to the farms they source their coffee from and hand pick their beans. Such a discerning selection of the finest coffee beans coupled with a unique roasting method that includes a severe adherence to the optimal number of roasting beans at a time, can leave you with little doubt as to how and why their coffee tastes so good. All caffeine addicts need to give this coffee shop a go.

The Blend

A real stop for the office crowd, The Blend offers a little bit of everything; coffee, food and atmosphere. Daring to be different, the little joint offers not just one but, on average, three different roasts for you to enjoy. Although the coffee is readily available to go, it’s much nicer to sit in and absorb the inner city vibes while you soak up the caffeine with, perhaps, a large plate of the cafe’s fantastically filling fry-up. If the mornings leave you feeling sluggish why not enjoy a detox start to the day with The Blend’s muesli which is served with fresh fruit, double cream yoghurt and honey? Whichever way you want to start your day, this place has got you covered. A recommended roast for all the sweet-toothed coffee enthusiasts would be The Blend’s own signature roast which is reminiscent of caramel.

Origin Coffee Roasting

Going back to the ‘origins’ of true artisan coffee roasting, this particular caffeine hot spot takes an enormous amount of pride and pleasure in serving only the highest possible quality of coffee at all times. With a history of ensuring that every painstakingly minute detail of their gathering, roasting and serving process is perfect, Origin Coffee Roasting hopes to help every customer relive a time before the industrial mass production of dreadful creations such as instant coffee. They have a goal to infuse every cup with the never ceasing passion and pride of the artisan brewer, a feeling that is distinctly not present in many of the coffees provided by modern chain shops. Although a great coffee stop, Origin Coffee Roasting also wins over all the tea nuts with their wide variety of flavours and their gorgeously floral, built-in teahouse; a peaceful area that starkly contrasts the upbeat buzz of the adjoining coffee house.

Truth Coffee Roasting

At Truth Coffee Roasting the coffee is smooth, delicious and not at all like the acrid, bitter stuff you are sometimes expected to force down with a tonne of sugar. Heralded by many leading newspapers as ‘The Best Coffee Shop in Cape Town’ (Another 48 Hours) and even by some as ‘The Best Coffee Shop in the World’ (UK Telegraph / MSN Travel) the cool cafe is the perfect place to get together for a solitary cup of coffee, or for a group thought shower revision session as the shop offers free Wi-Fi, good food and comfy seating.

Shift Espresso

Bust out your inner indie everyone because you’re about to take a trip down alternative street to a really out-there coffee shop known as Shift Espresso. Perfectly kitted out for every modern hipster’s needs, the cafe offers free Wi-Fi as well as laptop and phone plug points. To add to all the gizmos and gadgetry the cafe has a certain je ne sais quoi atmosphere that welcomes in passers-by no matter the time or the occasion. The lure may well be in no small part due to the delicious smell of fresh coffee being brewed. There are a number of creative concoctions and coffee collaborations at work in this intriguing corner cafe all of which culminates in the production of a delightful range of coffee.