The Best Independent Bookstores in Pretoria

<a href = ""> Second-hand books | © dr_tr/Flickr
<a href = ""> Second-hand books | © dr_tr/Flickr
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18 September 2017

A reader is never far from a book, but for those who left theirs at home or have finished reading what they brought with them, then there are a few places in Pretoria to get a fix. If large chain stores don’t appeal and only an independent bookstore will do, then here is a list of the city’s best to visit and peruse.

Esanlu Book Shop

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With close to 16,000 books in both English and Afrikaans, everyone is sure to find something of interest in Esanlu Book Shop. Their collection includes rare and collectible books, first editions, and new paperbacks and hardcovers. Genres range from fiction to non-fiction, including almost 2,000 religious works. Purchase various gift items for the other book-loving friends and family as well.

Outer Limits

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Tabletop gaming
Tabletop gaming | Courtesy of Outer Limits
The number one comic book and tabletop gaming supplier in Pretoria, Outer Limits is the place to be for those looking for graphic novels, comic books, board games, and memorabilia. They also host weekly card and board games, so bring Magic: The Gathering A-game along when visiting.

PCH Bookshop

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Store entrance
Store entrance | Courtesy of PCH Bookshop
The PCH Bookshop is run entirely by volunteers and sells good-quality, second-hand books to raise funds for the Princess Christian Home, a non-profit organisation that provides care for the elderly and those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. Books for sale include anything from non-fiction to popular fiction and collectible books donated by the public. There is a sale on the last Saturday of each month.

Rutland Books

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Over 50,000 books
Over 50,000 books | Courtesy of Rutland Books
Rutland Books is a second-hand bookstore with 13 rooms containing over 50,000 books. Described by visitors as a ‘bookworm’s heaven’, this store is sure to keep shoppers entertained for a while as they search for the perfect book to finish off their collection.

Sungardens Hospice Bookshop

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Second-hand books
Second-hand books | © dr_tr/Flickr
One of the top five second-hand bookshops in South Africa, the Sungardens Hospice Bookshop sells books donated by the public to raise funds for the care of patients with progressive, advanced, or incurable diseases and also support their families. Books are meticulously arranged according to quality and quantity and include arts and crafts, educational, fiction, and non-fiction books as well as magazines.

Tall Stories

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A discerning reader
A discerning reader | Courtesy of Tall Stories
Technically not in Pretoria, but located close by within the Irene Village Mall in Centurion, Tall Stories offers fine books for discerning readers. They sell Africana, publisher’s overstocks, collectibles, and pre-owned books. The shop also buys books for those whose shelves are starting to overflow.