South Africa Has Broken a Guinness World Record With the Help of 765 Dogs

Pekingese | Courtesy of
Pekingese | Courtesy of
Dog lovers from across Gauteng flocked to The Big Red Barn in Irene on October 28, 2017 in aid of the Animal Anti-Cruelty League Johannesburg (AACL), and, together with, broke a Guinness World Record.

South Africa is the new title holder for ‘The World’s Largest Gathering of Dogs Wearing Bandanas’ thanks to the 765 dogs and their owners that attended The Doggy Day held in Irene, Pretoria. And the good news doesn’t stop here, a total of R50,000 ($3,500 USD) was raised as donation for the Animal Anti-Cruelty League Johannesburg.

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The world’s largest gathering of dogs wearing bandanas was previously held by the RSPCA ACT in Canberra, Australia, for getting 764 pups together in May 2015.

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David Roche, Managing Director at, said, “As a pet insurer we feel it is our responsibility to help combat animal abuse. We want to cement our support for caring for pets, by taking a bold stance to break a world record, to raise awareness with the South African public and at the same time help raise much needed funds to assist the Animal Anti-Cruelty League in the amazing work they do in this field.”


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The event’s hashtag #1Day800Dogs was just about realized as the total dogs at the event amounted to 765. “The success of the record attempt was balanced on a knife-edge leading up to the deadline,” said Guinness World Records™ adjudicator, Pravin Patel. “We congratulate for organising this attempt and for raising awareness for the care and protection of animals.”

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Apart from breaking a world record, Guinness World Records™ and certainly achieved what it set out to do, which was to raise awareness regarding the fight against animal cruelty.

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