11 South African Jewellery Designers You Should Know

Anna Rosholt's latest range, Rhino | © David Beretta
Anna Rosholt's latest range, Rhino | © David Beretta
These eleven South African jewellery designers share a passion for unique designs and have manifested themselves within the local and international design community. From markets to thriving online stores, getting your hands on one of their pieces has never been easier.

A Bird Named Frank

Caryn Fourie and Peter Campbell, the creatives behind A Bird Named Frank, have backgrounds in fashion design and fine art, and their designs are minimalist with a geometric focus. Each easy-to-wear piece makes a bold statement and is lovingly created in their Cape Town studio.

Earrings and necklaces Courtesy of A Bird Named Frank

Anna Rosholt

Contemporary jewellery designer Anna Rosholt has a love for beautiful design that is apparent in her eccentric pieces. Her latest range, Rhino, was designed in aid of anti-rhino poaching and 10% of all sales go to the Black Mambas Anti-Poaching Unit in Hoedspruit.

Rings and a bracelet from Anna Rosholt’s latest range ©David Beretta

Bella Reathe

All about creating one-of-a-kind pieces, owner and jeweller Phoebe du Preez is interested in the bizarre and dramatic, which is reflected in her designs. Her exciting range includes organically fused and formed pieces, to combinations of clean-cut designs and rough crystals.

Sense of Self Rings, Dali Bracelets and Organic Bracelets Courtesy of Bella Reathe


Famke Koene produces simple yet striking sterling silver, gold and brass pieces, as well as bespoke engagement rings and wedding bands. Geometry and bone castings are the main muses inspiring her designs and all pieces are hand-manufactured.

All pieces, including these circle and bar bracelets, are available to shop online Courtesy of Famke

Henriette Botha

Henriette Botha, based in Johannesburg, spent four years studying in Paris and two-and-a-half years working for luxury fashion house Balmain, until she returned to South Africa. Her unique pieces are all 100% handmade and inspired by traditional African crafts.

xxx Courtesy of Henriette Botha

Lorean Jewellery

Lorean Jewellery, run by Lorean Britz and Koemi Hillebrand, specialise in creating one-off engagement rings, wedding bands and other signature bridal pieces. They work with a variety of stones, from diamonds to opals and other precious and semi-precious gems, to create fine, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Crowns and combs can be finished in silver, yellow- or rose gold Courtesy of Lorean Jewellery

Meraki Jewellery Design

Designer Megan Keyser handcrafts each delicate piece, using raw stones, sterling silver and recycled brass, and draws inspiration from nature and her travels. She places focus on detail while staying true to the materials used and their natural imperfections.

Meraki jewellery also sells on Etsy Courtesy of Meraki

Nina Bosch

Nina Bosch creates beautiful porcelain jewellery from her studio in White River, Mpumalanga. Her designs include bold shapes, organic elements and glossy textures, meticulously combined to fashion striking pieces characterised by a neutral palette with gold accents.

Nina’s jewellery can be bought online and at many local markets Courtesy of Nina Bosch

Spirit Jewellery

Cape Town designer Nikki Shepherd studied jewellery design in Egypt and returned to South Africa to follow her passion. Her pieces combine unusual semi-precious stones and locally handcrafted sterling silver to create delicate and feminine necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Spirit jewellery combines simplicity with elegance Courtesy of Spirit jewellery

VEERS Handmade Jewellery

Vera du Toit started VEERS out of her parent’s garage shortly after completing her studies at Daniel Jacobs Jewellery Design and Manufacture in Stellenbosch, and describes her designs as unique, elegant and timeless. She has an extensive catalogue and also creates custom pieces.

VEERS also has a collection of leather goods, from belts to handbags Courtesy of VEERS

Yellow Jewellery

Yellow Jewellery, founded by Jessica Lea, is based in Cape Town and offers customers a wide range of interesting pieces, all inspired by rock’n’roll. Jessica aims to create wearable art that is progressive while having a sense of timelessness about it at the same time.