11 of Johannesburg's Top Art Classes Worth Attending

Get creative with these art classes in Johannesburg | © Mike Petrucci/Unsplash
Get creative with these art classes in Johannesburg | © Mike Petrucci/Unsplash
Whether you’re a veteran artist or have never picked up a paintbrush, these art classes in Johannesburg teach students of all levels. If you’re after some creative inspiration, or simply want to try your hand at something new, here’s our round up of 11 art classes to take in the City of Gold.


Art-iculate offers art lessons for children, teens and adults, as well as advanced classes for those who like a challenge. A wide range of materials are used, from charcoal to oil paints and you’ll also get the chance to experiment with pottery, papier-mâché and other mixed media.

Art-iculate, The Activity Centre, 4 Southport, Kirkby Road, Bedford Gardens, Bedfordview, Johannesburg, South Africa, +27 83 409 9733


Sculptures created at Art-iculate | Courtesy of Art-iculate

Beeline Art Studio

The Beeline Art Studio boasts a fully equipped studio in Sandton and offers lessons in oil painting, drawing, sculpture and photography, combined with basic art history. The studio is set in a tranquil environment, providing the perfect atmosphere for letting your creative juices flow.

Beeline Art Studio, Riverclub, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa, +27 82 904 3720


A charcoal drawing | Courtesy of Beeline Art Studio


iBi ARTWORX offers training for professional artists as well as classes for amateurs and hobbyists. All ages are welcome and students are taught basic drawing skills and get to work with ceramics, photography and other media.

iBi ARTWORX, Craighall, Johannesburg, South Africa, +27 83 600 4030

Blue Door Print Studio

The Blue Door Print Studio was founded in 2002 by printmaker Collin Cole, who has over a decade’s worth of experience in the industry. Classes focus on numerous techniques, including silkscreening, intaglio, relief printing, as well as photo-mechanical processes from beginner to advanced levels.

Blue Door Print Studio, 24 Chatou Road, Melville, Johannesburg, South Africa, +27 82 924 6673


The eclectic studio | Courtesy of Blue Door Print Studio

Mandy’s Art

At Mandy’s Art, students hone their skills at their own pace and beginners start with the basics of drawing and colour mixing. Whether you’re an advanced painter or simply enjoy creating in your spare time, classes can be joined at any point and the monthly fee includes basic materials.

Mandy’s Art, 23 Martha Road South, Randpark Ext 2 / Robin Hills, Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa, +27 83 678 5605

Michael Smith Art Classes

Michael Smith offers art classes for adults and focuses on painting and drawing, all in an engaging environment. Regardless of your skill set, you’re bound to learn a lot. Michael, an artist himself, aims to instill a sense of understanding in his students, so they can create art in their own, unique style with confidence.

Michael Smith Art Classes, 65 Fourth Avenue, Linden, Johannesburg, South Africa, +27 83 493 4622


Students working on painting projects | Courtesy of Michael Smith Art Classes

Studio Cameron

Classes are taught to all ages and skill levels by Cameron Annear and covers painting, drawing and sculpture making. Cameron wants students to develop their own style, instead of simply copying another. The groups are kept small and classes are often hosted outside with music playing in the background. There are also nude drawing sessions once a month.

Studio Cameron, c/o Louis Street and Milner Road, Northcliff, Johannesburg, South Africa, +27 83 417 9817

Toni-Ann's Art Studio

Painting with watercolour
Painting with watercolour | © Bench Accounting/Unsplash
Toni Ann Ballenden is a renowned artist whose work is featured in three major collections: The Anglo American Collection, the Sasol Collection and the Johannesburg University Collection. She teaches mixed media workshops four times a week to small groups and covers a new technique each month. These include linocuts, clay modelling, drawing, etching, watercolours and more. Classes also include guest teachers, as well as visits to local galleries.
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A student painting on canvas
A student painting on canvas | Courtesy of Rembrandt’s
Aptly named Rembrandt’s, this studio in Bedfordview offers art lessons for all ages and levels. The classes cover drawing, gridding, an intro to pastels, as well as acrylics, watercolours, oils and much more. The studio also hosts corporate and team-building workshops, and classes are the ultimate stress relief.
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The Pottery Studio

Five experienced and talented ceramicists teach at The Pottery Studio in Bryanston. All skill levels are welcome to attend classes, and beginners will start with the basics of pottery. After getting to grips with various clay-forming techniques and the basics of clay and glaze composition, students can move on to more advanced projects.

The Pottery Studio, 24 Old Kilcullen Road, Bryanston, Johannesburg, South Africa, +27 73 481 0889


Clay being molded | © Alex Jones/Unsplash